Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Community on Hiatus

The critically-adored (and rightly so) Community has been put on hiatus by NBC in the last twenty-four hours as the network announced its mid-season schedule.

The show, one of the best comedies around at the moment (although I’m still currently working my way through the season two DVD I got from the US) has been on a hiding to nothing this season unfortunately, tangling with the likes of the bombproof Big Bang Theory and American Idol/X Factor on Fox.

Community looks seriously in danger now of becoming this decade’s Arrested Development, a critically beloved show with a small but rabid fan base that ultimately just doesn’t pull in enough viewers to viably be kept on the air.

Make no mistake, the show, only a handful of episodes into its third season, isn’t cancelled – well not yet anyway – and will be back at some point for a bunch of episodes.

It certainly is ominous foreshadowing of what lies ahead for Community though and I for one will now be very surprised to see the comedy get a fourth season.

Stranger things have happened though, and there is precedence at NBC for doing a u-turn with veteran shows when a debutant bombs, but I’d be very reluctant to put any money on Greendale opening its doors again when this current term comes to an end at this stage.


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