Monday, 10 October 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 UK Air Date

It’s nearly that time of year again when the streets are filled with people dressed as flesh-hungry zombies – No, I’m not talking about what will no doubt be everyone’s Halloween costume this year, I’m talking about the much anticipated return of the smash hit The Walking Dead to TV screens across the globe.

Season 2 of the zombie apocalypse show begins in the US this Sunday, 16th October 2011 and it will debut in the UK the same week on Friday 21st October at 10pm on FX.

Season 2 will air for, in what is more akin to a ‘regular’ US drama series season run, thirteen episodes as opposed to the six-episode debut season we got last year.

I’ve already written quite extensively about some of the news about season 2 of The Walking Dead here but since that post further nuggets of information about the new season have been doled out.

Most excitingly for me is the news that Rescue Me’s Michael Zegen has been cast in a recurring role as a new character called Randall. Zegen was great as Damien on the fire-fighting drama and was often the source of some hilarious moments, I doubt The Walking Dead will give him the same opportunities Rescue Me did to flex his comedic muscles but he’s a great young actor and I’m looking forward to seeing him in such a huge show.

Suffice to say the season two premiere of The Walking Dead is probably one of the year’s most eagerly awaited TV events the world over.

The Walking Dead Season 2 UK Premiere – Friday 21st October 2011 @ 10pm on FX UK.

Whilst on the subject of TV premieres in the next two weeks, I also just wanted to give a bit of promotion to a show called Alphas that will be premiering on 5* next week as well.

The show, billed as the next Heroes, centres on a group of people with special abilities and stars the brilliant David Strathairn as well as a recurring guest role for one of my favourite TV actors Callum Keith Rennie.

The show has already been renewed for a second season in the US so one would assume Alphas is actually half decent. It’s never going to attract the sort of fanfare and media attention that The Walking Dead will but it certainly sounds on paper like a show worth checking out, you can view a trailer for the show below…

Alphas Premieres in the UK on Tuesday 18th October 2011 @ 10pm on 5*


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