Thursday, 6 October 2011

Strike Back Renewed

It’s been announced that, the far better than I think anyone expected, Strike Back will be returning for another season.

I say another season because depending on how you look at it, the new season could be classed as either season two or season three.

In its current incarnation this would be the second season of the show, but Strike Back did originally exist with Richard Armitage in the lead role as a lone Sky production in the UK, technically making a new season the show’s third.

Confused? I thought so.

Strike Back (or Strike Back: Project Dawn as it’s known in the UK), currently airing on both sides of the Atlantic – Cinemax in the US and Sky1 in the UK – is a joint production between Cinemax/HBO and Sky/Left Bank.

Continuity-wise nothing much changed in the UK with Project Dawn, Armitage’s John Porter returned for the first episode only to be unceremoniously executed in the first fifteen minutes and a new cast of characters were quickly ushered in.

Cinemax, or ‘Skinemax’ as it had previously been dubbed for its high proportion of sex and nudity (Strike Back doesn’t really do that reputation any favours though to be fair) aired ‘Project Dawn’ as a stand alone season as its first primetime drama.

The show has far exceeded expectations and has received wide-spread praise from a lot of influential critics for its brash, take-no-prisoners nature.

Another ten episodes is the order for the new season and filming will begin early next year.

Interestingly for fans of the show, Cinemax has declined to announce the cast for the new season, in a press release which does name several other crew members for the season, apparently “due to plot spoilers in upcoming episodes”.

From this one would assume that means there are some big deaths coming up in the final episodes of this season and whilst I’d be disappointed to see either lead actor - Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester - killed off, given the show’s track record thus far I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both ended up dead before the final credits roll.

If you haven’t already checked in on the show, the season thus far has tended to be two-parters that work both as standalone episodes but also advance the season’s long-running arc of the search for terrorist mastermind Latif played somewhat inexplicably by Jimi Mistry, a guy who twelve months ago was on prime time TV in a very different capacity – dancing the Cha Cha Cha wearing a sequined shirt.

The show has really been a revelation, and whilst there isn’t much to delve in to in terms of reviewing each episode, it’s a hell of an entertaining ride each week and I’m genuinely thrilled we’ll be getting more of the same next year.


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