Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Justified Season 3 Casting News

The casting news for Justified’s impending third season has been coming thick and fast in the last week, and from what we know thus far it should ensure the show has a great chance to build on the success of its break out, Emmy-nominated, second season.

Last week we learnt that Boomtown alumni Neal McDonough and Mykelti Williamson had joined the show to play season three’s antagonists, who I’m sure everyone will admit have a less than enviable job trying to follow in Margo Martindale’s footsteps.

Both actors have good resumes though and should bring a different kind of opponent to the table for Raylan this season.

McDonough is probably better known for his film work, which includes Minority Report, Walking Tall and most recently Captain America; but he has also starred in a recurring role on Desperate Housewives.

McDonough will play Quarles, a mobster who comes to Harlan with bad intentions, his acting style should ensure that Quarles is a more cool and collected enemy than Raylan is used to doing battle with in Kentucky.

Williamson who will undoubtedly be known to most as Bubba from Forest Gump, has also starred in Con Air, Heat and Three Kings on the big screen; whilst his small screen credits include CSI: NY and the final season of 24, in which he played CTU director Brian Hastings.

Williamson will play a character called Limehouse on Justified who sounds more akin to the sort of criminal Raylan is used to on the show, though he could be one to blur the lines between right and wrong a little.

The latest announcement is perhaps the most exciting though, as Carla Gugino, currently being seen in the UK as Hank’s lawyer on season four of Californication, has now been added to the cast for season three as Karen Goodall a D.C.-based assistant director of the Marshals Service who used to work with Raylan back in Miami.

Goodall reportedly comes to Kentucky to help keep hidden witnesses safe who have become endangered after the murder of a U.S. Marshal.

Obviously there will be history between Raylan and Goodall and given Gugino’s looks one would assume she could be the source of numerous headaches for Raylan with the women in his life.

As well as Californication, Gugino has also recently been seen in Entourage, and has previously starred on Sin City as well as playing the titular character in the Karen Sisco TV series, coincidentally also based on an Elmore Leonard character. Whilst on the big screen she’s been in everything from Sin City to the Spy Kids movies.

Gugino is not only sexy but she always plays strong women who usually give the men in their life more than as good as they get, so she should be a perfect sparring partner for Raylan Givens.

In terms of returning characters, Dickie Bennett (Jeremy Davies) last seen being hauled off by the Marshals after the deaths of his mother and brothers at the end of season two, will be back for season three, although he will remain behind bars.

Justified’s third season is expected in early 2012 on FX in the US and hopefully not much later on FIVE USA in the UK if history is anything to go by.


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