Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hell on Wheels Preview

The hype machine for the return of AMC’s zombie epic The Walking Dead is rightly in overdrive at the moment (not least here at TV or not TV).

With so much focus on The Walking Dead at present though it’s easy to forget that just a few weeks later a brand new original series will also debut on the channel that is also responsible for two of the most critically acclaimed drama series of all time – Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

The immense looking Hell on Wheels will depict the construction of the transcontinental rail road in the 1860s; the title refers to the lawless ‘moving town’ that followed the rail road as it was built.

Hell on Wheels will premiere on AMC on 6th November 2011 in the US, and although no official word has yet been spoken on its UK home (if it will even get one) with Endemol being heavily involved in the show’s development one would assume that given their relationship with Channel 4 it could end up on More4, or even the main channel should it perform well in the US.

Anson Mount, doing a good job of making amends for co-starring in the God awful Britney Spears movie Crossroads once of a day, will play the lead character Cullen Bohannon.

Mount will get stellar support from the likes of Common and Brit Colm Meaney – who now, in spite of his body of work, I can only picture as Aldous Snow’s Dad in Get Him to the Greek.

A two minute teaser trailer for Hell on Wheels is embedded below, and although the quality is more Zapruder than high definition, it still gives you an idea of the epic scale on which this show looks set to operate.

Having missed Deadwood first time around, I for one cannot wait to have a western to follow from the beginning and coming from AMC this can’t be anything other than superb… Can it!?


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