Friday, 2 September 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 News

I’ve resisted the urge to discuss The Walking Dead this summer, even though the goings on behind the scenes of the zombie apocalypse show, and for that matter at its network AMC in general, have been fascinating to watch unfold.

But now rather than the negative press that came from show-runner Frank Darabont leaving, only to be replaced by Glen Mazzara, we now have some good news to focus on.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead will get an extended premiere of ninety minutes, akin to the epic opening episode of the series last year. The show returns in the US on 16th October @ 9pm on AMC.

Season 2 is also going to be split as, unlike last season; we will have a more standard thirteen episode run this year. AMC will air six one hour episodes each week before putting the show on hiatus; it'll then return on 12th February 2012 in its regular 9pm timeslot to round out its sophomore year, so expect some fireworks for that mid-season finale in December!

The 90-minute premiere is also going to launch globally on all Fox International Channels during the week following its Stateside premiere.

Season 2 is reportedly going to be seen in 122 countries and translated into 35 different languages.

No official word yet from FX UK on when it will air in the UK, they only go as far as to say ‘October’; one would guess though that it will be at some point during the aforementioned week.

Four new teaser clips have also been released for season two recently, and although they vary in quality they offer a tantalising glimpse of what is in store in the coming season, you can find all four after the jump…


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