Wednesday, 28 September 2011

State of the Blog Address – Star Ratings & Navigation Improvements


You may have not noticed a few changes to the site in the last day or so – nothing as drastic as last year’s whole scale revamp – just a few little tweaks to hopefully improve the site and the time you spend here.

The main change already implemented is the numbered page navigation you will find at the bottom of the homepage, making it very easy to now scroll back through the TV or not TV archives and dig out old posts should that be what your heart desires.

The archives of course go all the way back to January 2009 and the post that started it all Prison Break Straps on the Water Skis.

The navigation is pretty straight forward, each page shows ten posts, and you can use the numbers at the bottom to jump back ten posts at a time, whichever number page you are on in the sites archives you will also have the option to see the next five pages either side as well. This feature also works for the popular tags you will see down the left hand side of the page, but doesn’t work on the yearly/monthly pages further down the left hand side unfortunately – but given that you can use the drop down facility on these to find the exact post you’re looking for I don’t know why you’d want to use it on there anyway.

The other noticeable changes to the homepage are the positions of the widgets down the left hand side of the site, these have simply been reorganised to hopefully make the site more user friendly.

A major change that will be occurring from this point forward however, is the introduction of a star rating system (see image above for how these will look) for reviews. You’ll no doubt already be familiar with this sort of thing from other sites, as they are quite common across the blogosphere.

Well I am now, after almost three years, also joining the ranks of the raters and will be introducing a star rating system out of five for all fictional TV reviews. I emphasise fictional there because I won’t be utilising star ratings for the rare factual show reviews I do, such as my recent look at Billy Connolly’s Route 66.

The ratings will range from half a star to 5 stars and incorporate half marks across that scale, so obviously 2 and a half stars would be average and anything above would be better than average and below worse.

I sincerely doubt I’ll be throwing out five star reviews every week as I feel that this sort of praise should be reserved for truly outstanding pieces of television. If and when I do give a show a 5 star rating though I intend to tag it with ‘5 Star Rating’ in the tags section, which will then hopefully allow both you and I to quickly jump to all the episodes deemed worthy of this high praise. Hopefully this system will then also allow me to easily announce the best episodes of television from the past year etc. as and when required.

Keep an eye out for my first star-rated review coming in the very near future, but for now if you have any thoughts or feedback on any of the above just let me know…


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