Monday, 26 September 2011

Luck Teaser Trailer

It seems like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for HBO’s Luck – a drama series that will combine my two greatest passions in life: TV and Horse Racing; but now it’s almost here, and the first teaser trailer, which you can view below, has just been released.

Unlike the Game of Thrones season two teaser that also aired on HBO during the Boardwalk Empire season two premiere, Luck’s teaser gives us a fairly informative glimpse in to what we can expect from the show, as well as the tone and style David Milch and Michael Mann will be going for, even if it only clocks in at a measly 45 seconds.

Luck stars legendary actor Dustin Hoffman, in his first regular TV role, as well as Nick Nolte who’ll be playing a veteran trainer known as ‘The Old Man’. Dennis Farina, Gary Stevens, John Ortiz and Jill Hennessy also feature in a very impressive-looking cast.

If I wasn’t already practically salivating with excitement at the imminent arrival of Luck, then this trailer has now got me masticating like a mad man over the potential of the show, as the trailer really makes everything look quite fantastic.

Expect Racing and gambling clichés and puns galore from TV critics when Luck gets under starters orders in 2012…


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