Monday, 5 September 2011

Glee Season 3 Promos & Cast Photos

It’s nearly time for the return of the phenomenon that is Glee.

The show returns for season three in the US on Tuesday 20th September and if Sky’s heavy promotion of the show lately is anything to go by, we’ll be getting it just after that here in the UK.

With the season three premiere so close now the promotion of the show on both sides of the Atlantic has gone in to overdrive. Class photos, like the Brittany one above (incidentally the best one), playing to each character’s main character trait have just gone up all over the web, and there are two brief promos also doing the rounds (which you'll find embedded after the jump)

The first is a bit of a generic one that doesn’t really reveal too much about the new season; however the second and most recent actually features quite a bit of show footage that the gleeks have already been dissecting on forums across the internet.

I personally am not too interested in Quinn’s pink hair or the fact that we are going to be subjected to more Will & Emma bullshit this year, all I needed to know from these teases is that Brittany still has all the best one liners: check and that they haven’t written Puck out of the show again for some bullshit reason: check, or at least that would appear to be a check as you never quite know with Glee.

With dire, shameless money-making attempt talent show The Glee Project about to end on Sky1 I wouldn’t mind betting that we’ll get an ad for the UK premiere at some point during the final of that show. I already know the outcome of The Glee Project but I won’t spoil it for you completely, let’s just say it fits perfectly with Glee’s everyone’s a winner philosophy…

After the mess that was season two, hopefully season three will see a return to form for Glee. The show is so incredibly popular and successful now that they could have an episode dedicated to the music of William Shatner and his cover of Common People would still hit the iTunes top ten, and season two did feel a bit like they were fitting storylines and acting around songs.

Let’s not forget that season one of the show, at least its first half, was a pretty well-rounded show; the cast ballooning up to True Blood-esque ensemble size though and the need to have a new CD to sell after every couple of episodes have been the reasons that the show has really dipped in quality, save for a few standout characters/performances.

With season three supposedly having a feeling of finality to it for certain characters though I’m very hopeful of a greater focus on story this year, which no doubt means I’m setting myself up for disappointment.

That said, you know I’ll be watching, and no doubt ranting on here, so to get you in the mood for the new season you can view both promo clips for Glee season three below:

You can also check out the remaining class photos over at Cinema Blend I know I’m directing you away from the site but I really don’t have time, or care enough, to post all eighteen of them here individually.


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