Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Entourage 8.7 'Second To Last'

We've had the penultimate episode of Entourage this week, and therefore my penultimate review of the show for What Culture!

'Second To Last' built on last week's improvement over previous weeks and set up a number of characters with their inevitable happy endings but it also left just enough unanswered questions to make tuning in to next week's finale a must and not just for nostalgic reasons.

I've made no secret that this final season of Entourage has disappointed me in many ways but it's still sad to see this long-running show coming to an end and if the improvement the last couple of episodes have had continues in to next week then we shoud at least get a finale worthy of a show that's kept millions entertained for eight years now.

You can read my review of 'Second To Last' by following the link below...

Entourage 8.7 'Second To Last'


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