Thursday, 22 September 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm 8.1 'The Divorce'

“You are a colossal prick” – Funkhouser

I know I’m very late with this post given that the episode in question aired Sunday night here in the UK, but given the quality of this episode I just had to briefly wax lyrical about how great this premiere was.

I do sometimes worry you know that I’m blinded when it comes to Curb premieres, because I’m that grateful and relieved that Larry David has decided to give us another season of his great comedy that I think every Curb premiere is fantastic.

I can say with some degree of confidence though that this season eight premiere truly was a great episode of TV comedy, irrespective of the sentimental influence.

We picked up exactly where we left off at the end of season seven with Cheryl realising she’d made a huge mistake reconciling with Larry, after he keeps on about her leaving a ring on the table with her drink.

Wisely, in terms of mining the most laughs out of Larry’s newly found singledom, we then leap forward a year and find Larry meeting with his divorce lawyer; encountering Cheryl outside along with her bald lawyer, something Larry gets a kick out of, we see that the Davids are on good terms and that Larry may now be single but he still has all the same foibles as before.

The rest of ‘The Divorce’ was a lot more predictable than Curb used to be in its infancy – I knew the Jewish lawyer would turn out to be useless and it was obvious the girl scouts would enact some sort of revenge on Larry – but that didn’t make any of it any less funny.

I loved it how Larry’s divorce inspired Funkhouser to also get a divorce from his long-suffering wife and how that made Jeff jealous. Larry has a proper little boys club going on now with Leon, Funkhouser and himself all single.

Leon was of course in fine form throughout the episode, especially in his telling Funkhouser that he’d run his wife’s “ass in to the ground”.

Thanks to his pettiness, Larry ended up losing a lot more in the divorce than he needed have as his new Jewish lawyer may have been great at putting a snooty maitre d’ in his place, but seemingly wasn’t that strong on divorce hearings, not only losing Larry the house but also Gary Cole’s Dodgers owner his beloved team.

The full circle irony of Larry using a tampon to stem the bleeding from his nose after Cole’s character decked him was a nice touch.

Although more predictable than we’ve been conditioned to expect from Curb ‘The Divorce’ was still very well written and has only served to increase my anticipation of the rest of the season, if that was even possible.

Where Larry, and Leon, go from here now they’re soon to be homeless can only be a delightful adventure to be part of.

A Hail of Bullets:

- I had a hard time buying Justified’s Kaitlyn Dever as a girl struggling with getting her first period after seeing her so tough and old-beyond her years on Justified this season just gone.

Larry could perhaps carve out a nice niche for himself though with his matter-of-fact teaching of how to use what must be an embarrassing subject to learn for most girls. I genuinely thought that when the other girl scouts turned up they were going to ask him to teach them as well – but that’s probably a bit too dark, even for Curb.

- Great seeing Gary Cole guest-starring. I was a bit disappointed he didn’t really get to showcase his fine comedy skills more, but any Gary Cole appearance is alright with me.

- I don’t think he actually said it, but Larry’s attempt to get Cheryl to have sex with him one last time had to have been born out of seeing her hire a bald lawyer hadn’t it? In Larry’s mind that was too significant of a coincidence and it was probably Cheryl admitting she still had feelings for him, at least in that twisted commode Larry calls a brain it was anyway.

Curb Your Enthusiasm continues in the UK Sunday @ 11.10pm on More4


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