Sunday, 25 September 2011

Californication Season 4 Uk Air Date

Long term readers will know what a huge Californication fan I am, and if my traffic stats are anything to go by so are a lot of you.

It’s been unbelievably frustrating how this sublime show has been treated by Channel 5 over the last four years, but I guess we should at least be grateful that they’ve stuck with it and allowed UK-based fans to see the show how it should be seen.

With season four having been and gone in the US over 6 months ago, the wait for it on these shores has been palpable, but finally now after an excruciatingly long wait it’s here.

Anyone who watches any of Channel 5’s channels may have caught promos for season four stating that it is ‘coming soon’, well I can reveal that the air date is closer than you might think, and season four of Californication will actually begin its UK run in a little over a week and a half on Thursday 6th October at 10pm on 5*.

Season four sees Hank bogged down in legal matters after the truth about his relationship with Mia came out in that gut-wrenching season three finale.

Coming off what I would call the show’s strongest season to date, season four looks to have the potential to be even better still and like many of you as well no doubt, this premiere is more exciting for me than all of the new shows debuting at the moment combined.

Californication Season 4 – Thursday, 6th October 2011 on 5* @ 10pm


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