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Sons of Anarchy 3.3 'Caregiver'

“You’re all very unbalanced individuals” – Jax

Episode three of Sons of Anarchy’s third season ‘Caregiver’ is very rightly often referred to as the Stephen King episode and that is exactly how it should be.

The world-renowned author, a Sons of Anarchy fan, makes an unforgettable cameo in the episode as a creepy cleaner (of the body disposing variety) with a penchant for “80s music” named Bachman.

King certainly stole the show in ‘Caregiver’ – my favourite moments were his measuring up of Amelia’s corpse (one of several possible people the title of the episode could be referring to) including his groping of her breasts and the way he casually picked up the gold fist statue and walked out when Tig offered him any goods he liked as payment.

Although it was all about Stephen King, ‘Caregiver’ still had plenty of other things going for it and like last week proved that there are still other things going on in the world of SAMCRO away from the search for Abel, although that dark cloud still cast a shadow over most of the episode.

Seen as I’ve focussed heavily on King’s involvement in the episode, I’ll start up at Nate’s house, and after Gemma took Amelia hostage last week to prevent her claiming the $25,000 bounty on Gemma’s head the Guatemalan caregiver was tied to a wheelchair, blindfolded in the basement.

When Nate disappeared along with the hunting rifle he used on Tig last week to go and heartbreakingly sit by the lake and contemplate ending it all (how amazing was Hal Holbrook in that scene?) it allowed Amelia the chance to trick a very naïve Tara in to partially freeing her.

Using one of Nate’s oxygen tanks to incapacitate the Doctor, who after everything she’s been through really should have known better (a plot contrivance I’m willing to forgive so long as Tara wises up in future) Amelia made a break for it grabbing Gemma at knife point.

A struggle ensued, after Tara recovered and returned the favour of a blow to the head, and Amelia ended up with a knife in the abdomen – enter Bachman.

Amelia’s death was surprising in the manner it went down, but the ultimate outcome had to be expected really, she was never going to be allowed to leave as long as Gemma is still a fugitive so I’m guessing she was going to end up dead eventually anyway.

Whilst King as Bachman hilariously chomped the scenery around Nate’s home and disposed of the body, Gemma and Nate had a moving chat outside in which Nate revealed that it’s his lucid days that haunt him the most, the days he remembers everything.

Back in Charming, the Sons alliance with the brilliantly named black biker gang The Grim Bastards strengthened, but The Bastards required some weaponry to stand their ground against The Mayans.

With club money low as the search for Abel has pretty much consumed any and all club business, SAMCRO had to get creative in securing some guns from Lin, which meant supplying him with several of the girls from the porn studio for a party for some wealthy Asian associates.

This inevitably led to the bomb that was lit last week going off, as Opie’s lack of affection for his old lady’s profession made him flip when he saw her about to felate an Asian business man. Why Opie would even go along to an event at which he knew his girlfriend would be performing sex acts on other men is beyond me, but Sons being Sons I can forgive it the odd plot contrivance here and there, it did feel that there were a few on display in ‘Caregiver’ though it has to be said.

Opie has been pretty prominent in seasons past, but I get the impression he’s going to be more of a bit player this year, which is a shame because Ryan Hurst is about the best actor on the show.

Finally over in Belfast, the Oirish accents don’t get any better, but at least the action across the pond is starting to tie in a little more with the Charming-based storylines.

In somewhat of a surprise this week we were reintroduced to Cherry who has been hiding out in Ireland and was unaware of Sack’s death. That all changed when Maureen asked her to get hold of Gemma’s telephone number, seemingly going against Father Ashby’s orders to not tell SAMCRO of Abel’s whereabouts.

At this stage it seems as though the infant is being used as a pawn in a very dangerous game, when all he really needs is the titular caregiver that has been cruelly snatched from him.

Maureen’s link to John Teller appeared to be more than just that of a casual acquaintance from her conversation with Ashby, so I’m guessing Gemma won’t be too happy to hear from her, and Maureen must know this so to be defying Ashby and risking Gemma’s wrath she must feel some sort of strong connection to JT’s grandson…

A Hail of Bullets:

- We saw the first seeds in ‘Caregiver’ of what will no doubt be a season-long arc as Tara threw up just after Amelia’s death. Gemma questioned whether it was a concussion, but anyone who’s ever seen a television programme before knows that a female character being sick equals pregnancy…

- We got First glimpse of the Belfast charter of the Sons here, henceforth known as SAMBEL.

- More Hale-Oswald mayoral race exposition on display, this time mostly on the Oswald side. But from Piney’s trip to the barber shop we also got see just how unhappy with SAMCRO the town is, and if Unser’s discussion with Jacob is anything to go by, that feeling is now also stretching to long time club allies.

- I never thought I’d see it until he got Abel back, but Jax actually looked happy at certain points of this episode; that was until the final moments though when he saw the photo of Cameron dead.

The brooding for most of the episode therefore was left to Opie, which we touched on above, and nobody does sad like Ryan Hurst – the big irony of the episode coming when Opie said he didn’t want Lyla to be “sad”, when he clearly is the saddest of everyone.

- Tara’s already fought off one porn star’s advances towards Jax, but if those final moments of the episode are anything to go by it looks like she now may have another to contend with.

- I loved the club reaction to Jax’s proposition to skip bail and head for Canada, especially Clay’s “eh”, and how could anyone not have loved Tig’s deadpan delivery of “I’ll make that happen” when Bachman asked for the “80s music” – just brilliant.

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 continues Wednesday @ 10pm on FIVE USA.


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