Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ted Danson Joins CSI

I must admit I’m not the biggest CSI fan in the world… But I am one hell of a Ted Danson fan!

I’ve never really ‘got’ CSI, it’s just too procedural for me. I know, I know, only the other day I wrote a long meandering review of the Hawaii Five-0 finale and have also been watching the not just procedural but also schmaltzy Blue Bloods this year but CSI was always just too ‘case of the week’ for me.

And that’s a shame because I’ve always thought I should be a CSI fan and it’s too late now, eleven seasons in, for me to catch up. I did give both the CSI and Miami incarnations a go upon their debut but quickly lost the urge to tune in week after week but for some reason the original CSI has never really appealed to me, even when Tarantino did an episode.

But if any news is likely to change my CSI apathy it’s today’s announcement that Ted Danson will be joining the cast for the new season in place of the departing Laurence Fishburne (who in turn replaced original star William Petersen).

Danson will play the new CSI supervisor who steps in to fill the void left by Fishburne’s Raymond Langston, although no name has been released for Danson’s character it has been announced he previously was head of the crime lab in Portland.

Danson has predominantly been known as a comedy actor thanks to his career-defining role as Sam Malone on Cheers but in recent years has reinvented himself as a fine dramatic actor thanks to his role on Damages as a corrupt billionaire.

That’s not to say Danson has abandoned his comedy roots in recent years though, with his irregular appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm always a delight and his more recent role on HBO’s Bored to Death - which thanks to a somewhat restrained Zach Galifianakis, he is the best thing about.

Bored fans shouldn’t be too despondent about Danson’s CSI casting though because Deadline are reporting that he will continue to appear in the show’s sophomore season, due in the coming weeks on HBO.

CSI hasn’t been the force of old of late but if anything can resuscitate its flagging ratings it’s the silver fox Ted Danson – his casting has certainly peaked my interest in a show I’ve previously had little to no interest in.

What does everyone else think of Danson’s casting on CSI – good move or bad move?


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