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Sons of Anarchy 3.2 'Oiled'

“It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better…” – Jax

After last week’s somewhat slow-burning premiere, episode two of Sons of Anarchy’s third season was a lot faster paced. There was a hell of a lot going on in ‘Oiled’ and quite a bit of information to consume and digest, but what a great episode it was.

The long-running arcs all ticked away nicely but ‘Oiled’ certainly felt a lot more like early Sons of Anarchy, even with quite a lot of Belfast action included, as the club got involved in a few plots away from Abel’s kidnapping.

The humour that has, necessarily, been missing in the last few episodes of the show was also back with a vengeance, with some of the most quotable lines in the show’s history, a selection of my favourites you’ll find below:

“…A little bit of lube’s just the humane thing to do” - Tig

“Damn hybrids… Dangerous” - Juice

“I don’t recognise your bullshit MC”. – Clay

Out of context they may not seem all that, but genuinely, ‘Oiled’ is one of the most humorous episodes Sons of Anarchy has done in quite some time.

‘Oiled’ saw the Sons first forced to help Bobby’s ex’s current squeeze, a bounty hunter, track down one of his bounties in return for him then helping track Cameron, who the Sons believe to still be in the country.

Then the club had to address the little issue of the drive-by aimed at them that killed Hale in the premiere. Using the, always good for some comic relief, Chucky to distract the cop guarding him, the club discovered him to be part of a Mayan affiliate gang and deduced that the hit was an initiation as Alvarez and the Mayans tried to patch over the newbies to continue trying to push the heroin they had got into with Zobelle last season.

This led to the Sons tracking down Salazar (a common TV name for a South American villain) the leader of the Calaveras MC and beating him and then torturing him in to giving up Alvarez’s plans.

With another Mayan war the last thing the club need at the moment, rather than killing their captive, the Sons agree to let him go in order to hopefully leave negotiating with Alvarez as a viable option.

The scenes here, first the beating and then the torturing of Salazar, allowed Clay to continue to try and mould the vulnerable Jax in to his puppet, something which Bobby has clearly noticed. When Clay immediately lets Jax have first crack at Salazar in “the hole” (more on that later) Bobby calls him on it asking what he’s doing, to which Clay responds “I’m helping him through it”, something he clearly believes but obviously has ulterior motives for too.

So it would seem that in addition to hunting Jax’s missing son, the club is about to have some big problems closer to home, meaning the opening quote from Jax, uttered at the start of the episode, couldn’t have been more prophetic.

Though with the bounty hunter finding evidence of Cameron, with Abel, in Vancouver it seems as though Abel will be taking precedence for the club, for the time being at least.

Away from SAMCRO, things expectedly took a turn for the worse up with Gemma’s Father as Tig took it upon himself to show Nate’s live-in carer just how “big” of a man he was only to take a bullet from the old-timer for his troubles.

Gemma’s Father’s mind might be rapidly deteriorating but the Guatemalan carer was pretty sharp in working out that Gemma’s a wanted lady and made moves to try and turn her in for the $25,000 reward on offer. However smart she may have been in working out Gemma’s fugitive status, she wasn’t smart enough to not underestimate Mrs. Teller-Morrow and now finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun.

Over in Belfast, we met Father Ashby who in spite of being a priest also acts as a key figure in the IRA and organised the council in order to deal with Cameron.

This led to the culminating scene of Abel’s kidnapper being strangled to death in church and Ashby ordering a very public display of his body, something Jimmy O had strongly argued against. Obviously this is a hint at dissension within the Irish ranks, but knowing so little about Ashby and still not really knowing all that much about Jimmy, it kind of failed to strike too much of a tension-building blow, at least with me anyway.

Knowing the sometimes beat you over the head symbolism the show often uses I was a little surprised we didn’t have Cameron’s blood splattering on to a crucifix or something as he was killed, needless to say though when news of his very public death does eventually, and inevitably, reach Charming a trip across the Atlantic will be beckoning for SAMCRO.

A Hail of Bullets:

- Seeing Jax start the episode in jail was at least an attempt to vindicate the Charming PD as not completely useless – they at least managed to stop standing around long enough to actually arrest him. Yet in spite of putting a major beating on the only suspect in the Deputy Chief’s murder, he was still out the next morning.

- Tig’s fear of dolls was again raised here, last season we saw him freaking out as he got high up at the Native American reservation and encountered a bunch of dolls – I’d put that down to the drugs, but at Nate’s he appeared to be completely lucid and still commented that they were freaking him out.

- Opie getting distracted by seeing Lyla on the cover of the porn film seemed to indicate that although he’s made peace with his old lady being in that profession, he’s still not totally comfortable with it.

- “The hole” was a pretty brutal means of extracting information from Salazar, but it certainly looked visually impressive as the two bikes narrowly missed his head. If being buried up to your neck and almost having a bike driven in to your head is the punishment for crossing them, I’d definitely be trying to stay on SAMCRO’s good side.

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 continues in the UK Wednesday @ 10pm on FIVE USA


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