Saturday, 16 July 2011

Men of a Certain Age Cancelled

Another Emmy nomination wasn’t enough to save Men of a Certain Age, the critically acclaimed TNT dramedy, as the network has made the “difficult decision” to cancel it in the last 24 hours.

The show, a slow-burning study of three friends coming to terms with becoming middle-aged starred Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and the twice Emmy-nominated Andre Braugher.

The show has been praised for its note-perfect performances by the three leads and its great storytelling, yet in spite of wide-spread praise from critics and other TV professionals the show couldn’t grab a high enough share of the ratings.

So irrespective of award-nominations and recognition TNT has now decided the show will not be back for a third season.

This sort of decision is to be expected from the big networks, but in the past cable channels have given shows more of a chance to find their feet. This year however has been particularly dark for well-received shows struggling in the ratings with FX axing both Terriers and Lights Out with a heavy heart and now Men of a Certain Age suffering the same fate.

It really is a worrying trend for great shows to be taken from us too early whilst inexplicably popular dirge continues to pollute the airwaves, but that’s the industry we love and the chances of there being a dramatic change in the way things work any time soon are slim to none.


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