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Emmy Nominations 2011

Last year for the Emmy nominations I spent hours writing a huge post detailing the nominees and who should, and would, win.

However no announcement during the course of a year has the ability to frustrate, anger and make me crack a wry smile more than the Emmys, so this year rather than waste my time recapping more or less the same people that were nominated the year before I’m going to quickly run through some of the nominees that I feel are noteworthy.

Starting with outstanding drama…

Pretty much as you were here, although both were received very well it is a little surprising to see both Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire in there but there inclusion does little to affect the balance as Mad Men will inevitably win and so it should for a superb fourth season.

Comedy-wise, it’s great to see Parks and Recreation recognised but other than that it’s almost a re-run of last year, with only the not-even-a-comedy-anyway Nurse Jackie absent.

In the leading actor categories there were both good and bad nominations. The good in the drama stakes was definitely Timothy Olyphant getting a nod alongside, other than Steve Buscemi from Boardwalk Empire, pretty much a re-tread of last year. The cynic in me is screaming that had it not been for no Breaking Bad this year and the end of Lost, that Olyphant would have got about as close to a nomination as, quite criminally, Charlie Hunnam ever will, but I’ll take it nonetheless. The bad in this category of course being the usual suspects of Laurie, Hall and Chandler bogarting the nominations.

Over in the comedy category, the very funny Louis CK’s nomination is cancelled out by the frankly ridiculous inclusion of Matt Le Blanc for Episodes. Le Blanc is quite clearly only nominated on the back of Joey Tribbiani good faith and it really smacks of everything that is wrong with the Emmys.

Lead actress in a comedy is a little more diverse than usual with a few new faces in there, although Melissa McCarthy being nominated for the utterly dire Mike & Molly has to be more to do with her role in the big screen hit Bridesmaids than her performance in that abortion of a show. I am glad here though to see Lea Michele omitted for the utterly deplorable Rachel Berry character from Glee, and ultimately hope that the delightful Amy Poehler picks up the statue for Parks and Rec, though it will inevitably go to Edie Falco again – The Sopranos is finished people! Get over it!

The dramatic equivalent for women is also a little bit of a departure this year even if perpetual nominee Mariska Hargitay is there yet again. I’m really glad to see Elisabeth Moss in there for Mad Men and she deserves the award for her performance in season 4’s standout episode ‘The Suitcase’ alone.

Supporting actor in a comedy should basically be renamed the Modern Family award with four of the nominees coming from that show, hopefully Ty Burrell will get it this year for his consistently brilliant work as Phil Dunphy. And although a Modern Family cast member will get the award what is Chris Colfer doing in there for Glee!? All he did this season was pout and look moody.

Supporting actor in a drama gets me a little more excited as the great Walton Goggins is nominated for Justified and having never got a sniff for his work on The Shield if he were to win this year it would not only be deserved but overdue. Apart from Goggins and Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones this category is also almost a retread of last year, and that cynic in me won’t shut up suggesting that had Lost and Breaking Bad been eligible this year it would have been exactly as you were yet again in this category.

Supporting actress in a comedy is again almost a carbon copy of last year with the exception of octogenarian Betty White getting a nod for the frankly risible Hot in Cleveland but the academy is going to give White another statute before she eventually leaves us one way or another so why not this year!? Jane Lynch wasn’t a patch on season 1 this year as Sue Sylvester so this category could spring a surprise, but probably won’t, this is the Emmys after all.

The final category I want to assess is leading actress in a drama and again I’m mixed with happiness and anger here. On the one hand Margo Martindale getting nominated for Justified is a rare moment of intelligence for the Emmys and hopefully her fantastic performance as Mags Bennett will see her win, but I wouldn’t bank on it. The anger though stems from The Good Wife stealing two of the slots here, again, and Christina Hendricks being there yet again for hardly doing anything as Joan on Mad Men. Now you know I loves me some Mad Men but I can’t help but feel that Hendricks gets recognised for her work as Joan more because of Joan’s iconic, statuesque figure and the fact she is what a lot of people think of when they think Mad Men rather than her actual performance. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great actress and when she’s featured she’s excellent but she’s in Mad Men so little when you really think about it, it just irks me that actresses who carry so much more of their show’s weight get overlooked in favour of her – step forward Maggie Siff.

Sons of Anarchy’s perpetual lack of regard is a sore spot with me but the show is just too scary for voters to allow near the Emmys – bikers, guns, porn… Aaagh!

I’m disappointed Terriers one season wasn’t at least given a look and to see Treme pretty much snubbed out of sight along with The Walking Dead is just the icing on the frustration cake with an establishment so set in their ways that they can’t even begin to open their minds and consider new things.

But then again I’d expect nothing less from the Emmys.


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