Wednesday, 6 July 2011

David Hasselhoff in Sons of Anarchy

Unreal news out of TV land today… David Hasselhoff is to appear in the upcoming fourth season of Sons of Anarchy!

I’m still waiting for this to be revealed as some king of joke probably started by creator Kurt Sutter just to wind up some of the internet commentators who conspire to piss him off on a regular basis, but the news has now been reported pretty widely across the web at some usually reliable sites.

Sutter himself also seemed to confirm the news on his twitter (@sutterink) by revealing that there will be a scene featuring both The Hoff and Tom Arnold in season 4, which would appear to indicate Arnold’s sleazy porn producer Georgie Caruso, last seen fleeing to Thailand after seemingly murdering Luann Delaney, will be back for the new season.

If the news is to be believed and it’s looking pretty likely to be true now by all accounts, then Hasslehoff will play a character named Dondo – who is in fact a past acquaintance of the aforementioned Luann.

After retiring from performing in front of the camera, the "well-endowed" Dondo has got himself set up behind it now and is keen to partner up with Luann – will he be out for revenge when he discovers what became of his old associate?

Surely The Hoff’s role has to be more comedic than dramatic, as although the role should offer the chance for some brilliant self-parody it’s going to be nigh-on impossible to watch without thinking ‘why the hell is David Hasselhoff in Charming!?’

It’s a bizarre piece of casting, but then again so was Stephen King in season 3, and if anyone can make it work it’s Sutter.

Season 4 is already shaping up to be one of the most interesting yet of Sons with a pretty impressive array of guest stars lined up as previously reported on TV or not TV.

Sons of Anarchy will return to FX in September Stateside with the region 1 DVD out on 30th August for UK fans who still haven’t seen the as yet unaired on this side of the Atlantic season 3.

You can watch a teaser trailer for season 4 below…


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