Sunday, 17 July 2011

Californication Season 5 - Casting News

Although season 4 of Californication is yet to air in the UK, it has long since been and gone in the US and pre-production is now well under way for season 5 of the David Duchovny-starring dramedy.

A number of guest stars for the new season have already been announced, former Wu-Tang Clan member turned actor RZA will play a hip-hop mogul and Meagan Good of Stomp the Yard and Biker Boyz will play a protégé of his.

Justified’s Natalie Zea (Winona) has also been previously announced to recur in the new season as a Hank Moody love interest – what else?

Now in addition we also have The Sopranos’ Drea de Matteo and Greek’s Scott Michael Foster signed up.

The latter, whose work I’m for the most part unfamiliar with, is likely to be a thorn in Hank’s side as he will be playing Tyler, a love interest for Hank’s daughter Becca.

Anyone dating Becca is always going to be on a hiding to nothing with Hank but Tyler reportedly manages to alienate Hank even further by being a cocky, obnoxious, rich snob.

Emmy-winner de Matteo, in a nice bit of casting, will appear as a stripper who spends time with Hank. I have a bit of a thing for de Matteo so her playing a stripper may appeal to the pervert inside me even more than Eva Amurri doing the same did in season 3.

De Matteo, as well as being very sexy, is also a hell of an actress and in addition to her award-winning work on The Sopranos has also appeared in the likes of Sons of Anarchy, Desperate Housewives and erm, Friends spin-off Joey…

Season 4 of Californication had a stellar list of guest stars to its name and so far it looks as though season 5 is set to rival its predecessor for famous faces recurring and giving Hank all manner of headaches and temptations.

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