Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Glee Relationships Infographic

Have you ever tried to wrap your brain matter round the myriad of dysfunctional relationships that populate the world of all-singing, all-dancing TV mega-hit Glee?

If you have you’ll know that it’s enough to make your head hurt more than one of those God-awful ‘mash-ups’ they insist on doing on the show.

I’m ever more convinced that the writers of Glee have pictures of the cast on the wall of their writers’ room and they just throw darts at them to decide who to pair up for the next episode. How McKinley High isn’t a hot bed of particularly nasty STDs is beyond me.

To coin a phrase from Two and a Half Men’s abrasive maid Berta, the Glee characters are “like a box of hamsters crawling all over each other”.

So for those of you who’ve ever wondered just how many people have all dated each other on the show here’s a handy little infographic courtesy of Online Dating University detailing just that.

I must warn you though, anyone who is still hanging on to the idea that Glee is written with anything other than the current episode in mind may want to look away now, as this is evidence if I’ve ever seen it that this show has absolutely zero long-term storytelling…


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