Thursday, 26 May 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Trailer

“I have a sickness in my brain… you have a sickness in your mind…”

Apologies for the extended absence of late, I won’t bore you with the details (hint: I’m just lazy), suffice to say that I’m back now though and hopefully more regular than a high fibre diet.

Earlier this week I tweeted a link to the latest trailer for the upcoming eighth season of the sublime Curb Your Enthusiasm and here it is again in all its socially assassinating glory.

Michael J. Fox, Harry Crane from Mad Men, Funkhouser and the legend that is Leon Black… if this new trailer is anything to go by season 8 of Curb could be even better than the brilliant seventh season that featured the Seinfeld reunion.

Curb’s eighth season begins in the US on Sunday 10th July on HBO.


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