Sunday, 6 March 2011

Man V. Food - My New Favourite Show

We recently updated our Sky TV package to include the Lifestyle and Culture channels; mainly for one reason: so I could watch the infamous Man V. Food.

I’d heard about the show and was gutted to learn we didn’t have a package that would allow us to see it, so a quick upgrade later and we were able to watch the Good Food channel, which airs the show over here.

Imagine my disappointment when no sooner had we got the channel the show disappeared from the schedules.

Man V. Food soon returned though, albeit a week of special ‘Carnivore’ editions of the show, but it was still glorious nonetheless.

The show is amazing on so many levels it is just plain wrong. Host Adam Richman seems to never meet a food item he doesn’t almost ejaculate over the taste of and shouts every… single… word; kind of like a hairy American Davina McCall.

The usual premise of the show involves Richman taking on the challenge of eating some obscenely large food stuffs, hence the name of the show. I’m yet to see one of these episodes, but I imagine they will be even more ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious than the four episodes I watched last week.

The Carnivore editions of the show (why they were titled this I don’t know as I find it hard to believe there would ever be a herbivore edition where Richman tackles a giant Caesar salad) actually offered some decent recommendations of eateries to visit in the US though, providing you don’t mind risking angina every time you eat that is.

Richman has quickly become my new television hero and I honestly can’t wait to see him tackle a burger the size of a toilet seat and hear the orgasmic sounds emitting from him as he chows down on it.

The show is the type of guilty pleasure that you often find tucked away on some of the more obscure channels in your digi-box; I could imagine it would have been a favourite of the Flipside TV gang were that show still around and I know Charlie Brooker has already cast his caustic wit over the show in his Screenburn column for The Guardian.

No one’s pretending Man V. Food is the next Mad Men but it is half an hour of the most thoroughly enjoyable mindless entertainment you could ever hope to find that involves a slightly rotund, shouty New Yorker eating really big things.

The show may not be airing at the moment but when it does return I urge you to check it out, unless you’re a vegetarian of course…


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