Saturday, 26 March 2011

FX Cancel Lights Out

It’s not been a good time for critically acclaimed FX shows of late. First the highly thought of Terriers was shit-canned due to poor ratings in spite of widespread critical praise and now boxing drama Lights Out has also been dropped after disappointing ratings.

FX is a network I really admire and they are constantly creating top notch drama but although FX chief John Landgraf is quick to vocally express his, and the network’s love, for shows like Terriers and Lights Out, at the end of the day it still comes down to money and if shows aren’t drawing then they ultimately can’t survive in the ultra cut-throat world of television nowadays.

A show about boxing was always going to be a tough sell but when you see a show about an outlaw biker gang (Sons of Anarchy) doing so well on the same network it proves that shows injected with a healthy dose of testosterone can succeed.

Ultimately though, as with Terriers, although critically adored one season is all we will get of Lights Out. Selfishly as a UK viewer who believes TV shows should be watched on a television, this is an ominous sign for those of us hoping to get Lights Out this side of the Atlantic this year.

I’m still waiting on Terriers and now Lights Out will also seemingly be even less likely to get a broadcaster over here now it’s been cancelled after just 13 episodes. With Sky still yet to announce the returns of former Bravo shows White Collar and Sons of Anarchy it looks like I might need to start saving for a major order of region 1 DVDs later in the year…


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