Wednesday, 5 January 2011

State of the Blog Address

After a pretty hectic Christmas and New Year things are slowly getting back to normal now, but alas things won’t be quite back to normal with TV or not TV for a little while longer yet.

I am hoping to enter a competition the BBC are running through their brilliant Writer’s Room website that will require me to write a full length TV comedy script, the closing date for which is 21st February; thus the majority of my free time for the first few weeks of 2011 will be taken up by writing.

This unfortunately means the site will be neglected somewhat during this period but it couldn’t actually be a better time of the year to do so really as new and returning shows are yet to really get going again in full swing.

On the plus side, completion of my little attempt to tap back into my screenwriting roots should coincide quite well with the launch of Sky’s amazing new channel Sky Atlantic which should offer me the opportunity to review plenty of juicy US shows, both new and old.

In terms of the way the site will operate in 2011, after a rather meandering 2010 which saw me disband the old format of one post per week at first for more of a news type effort before finally settling on reviews with the odd bit of news, this is now where I want the site to be and what I want to be doing so it will for the most part be just reviews populating the site this year, although I will still report on any news and or cool shit I think is worthy of attention.

I certainly can’t promise but having finally just upgraded to a new laptop I may also start streaming US shows to my TV before they actually hit UK screens which would allow me to get in on the likes of Californication and Sons of Anarchy long before they would normally hit the UK, I am also especially keen to maybe trial this with the awesome looking Lights Out which debuts on FX this coming week, but as I said I can’t promise.

I’ve recently just signed up for Sky’s never-miss service which is actually a hell of a lot better than I expected, mainly due to the fact that Sky have announced they are shifting most of the now defunct Bravo’s shows over to the likes of Sky1 and I don’t want to miss the returns of White Collar and Sons among others; so I urge anyone who gets frustrated at the lack of promotion certain shows get on these shores to also sign up to ensure you don’t miss out on some of the finest TV out there.

That’s pretty much it for now, there won’t not be any reviews going up in the coming weeks but it will generally be a lot less prolific than usual just until mid to late February – I’m very much a writer who has to be in the mood to write, I can’t just sit down and have at it, so if I get a batch of free time when I have major writer’s block I may elect to hammer out a review instead to get the juices flowing so keep your eyes on the twitter (@garethbunkham) and facebook to see if any updates have gone up.

I am hoping to get a Glee review done next week, as that incredibly disjointed cultural phenomenon returns to UK screens this Monday but beyond that just keep your eyes peeled and keep checking in when you can and here’s to a happy and healthy 2011!


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