Monday, 31 January 2011

State of the Blog Address - Script Update & Sky Atlantic

As you’ve no doubt noticed, for once I have actually stuck to a plan I have posted on the site and there have been very few updates throughout January as I throw myself 100% in to my writing for the BBC’s Laughing Stock competition.

At the time of writing I am a little over half way through the script, which given that it is only a first draft and the competition closes in about 3 weeks isn’t actually that good! I am really happy with what I have done so far though; the actual script has strayed quite drastically from my original vision for it, but for the better I think.

The comedy is a lot more prominent in the dialogue than the situations I think, which could pose me a problem with the usually quite traditional BBC but I am really pleased with how this has come out so far given how long it’s been since I wrote any sort of proper script.

The way I’ve developed as a person over my hiatus has seemingly translated into my writing and the references, jokes and dialogue all feel a lot more ‘adult’ than my earlier work – there are only 3 dick jokes in there so far!

It feels right talking in depth about the script here because this piece – tentatively titled ‘Tearing Up The Script’ – is so heavily influenced by shows I have spent a great deal of time extolling the virtues of through TV or not TV.

There’s definitely a healthy does of Californication in there (the main influence I would say), there’s some Entourage, some Community and even a bit of Scrubs in there for good measure. All will become clear I hope as and when (and if) you read it.

Speaking of which, I am going to try, win lose or draw in the competition itself, to post the finished script on the site given how much I’ve talked about it and as it is the reason for the sporadic updates so far in 2011. That being said, as any regulars will know, coding and web design aren’t exactly my strong point and it will all be hinging on whether I can figure out a way to get it up on the site without crashing the site in the process. (For those of you that remember, the re-design last year took me about a month to fully complete and not that much actually changed!)

Another reason for this update was just to remind everyone that Sky Atlantic launches tomorrow on Sky. I’m unfortunately not going to have time to review any of the debuting shows on there but I will dive straight into reviews mid-season for the ones that I feel warrant it once the script work is completed.

In addition to Boardwalk Empire and new Entourage, Sky Atlantic is also going to be showing The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm, amongst others, from the start which gives me the perfect opportunity, like I did with The Wire the other year on the BBC, to right a terrible wrong, which is me having never seen The Sopranos. I am also going to take this opportunity to relive Curb from the beginning as well, which anyone who is a fan of comedy should also do.

The two main returning shows this year so far, Glee and True Blood, have been horribly disjointed and disappointing thus far so Sky Atlantic coming out swinging with some big guns should hopefully get me excited about TV again for 2011.

2011 so far has been a wholly less funny place to be due to More4’s inexplicable decision to axe it’s Daily Show output almost completely, and I’m still getting used to having so little Jon Stewart in my life (one final fuck you is certainly deserved More4) so here’s hoping Sky Atlantic lives up to both its, and my, hype and gives 2011 TV the kick up the ass it is in need of.

Until next time…

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  1. "The Game" is way overrated (yeah i said it). But I guess its better than nothing. I would have prefered "Girlfriends" run on just as long as white show "Friends" run on (yet "Friends cast got paid quadruple").


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