Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vote Tony McCoy for Sports Personality of the Year

The BBC have finally announced the ten nominees for their annual Sports Personality of the Year ceremony which will be held on 19th December.

The line-up is as follows:

- Mark Cavendish
- Tom Daley
- Jessica Ennis
- David Haye
- AP McCoy
- Graeme McDowell
- Graeme Swann
- Phil Taylor
- Lee Westwood
- Amy Williams

I’m not going to go over old ground and tell you why you should vote for Tony McCoy because that has been done to death on this blog. What I am going to do though is encourage anyone who has even a passing interest in Horse Racing to pick up the phone come 19th December and vote for the greatest ambassador the sport has.

If Tony McCoy can’t win this award this year then no one from Racing ever will and that is a telling commentary on the state of the sport at present. On the back of a public spectacle like his Grand National victory McCoy can really win this year and bring Racing back into the consciousness of the general public.

Sports Personality might not be the event it used to be or even be an award with any real cache but it is still popular enough to give Racing and McCoy the sort of attention that Horse Racing really could do with right now and there is no better man for that focus to be on that AP McCoy.

His omission from the voting last year was a travesty but if he doesn’t even make the top three this year it will be nothing short of a crime; bookies currently have him as odds on favourite to lift the trophy and with several campaigns online and in the Racing press to help him do just that Tony McCoy could be on the verge of his most important win of the season.


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