Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sons of Anarchy Gets Fourth Season

FX have wasted no time in renewing their crown jewel, Kurt Sutter’s majestic Sons of Anarchy, for a fourth season.

FX has a history of being a little more cautious in its approach to renewing shows than other networks – season 3 of Sons for example wasn’t ordered until very late on during season 2’s run, in spite of it having already become the channel’s biggest hit to date.

So this just shows what FX currently think of Sutter’s outlaw, biker tragedy and the faith they have in the creative forces behind the show continuing to make some of the most visceral television there is right now.

The US are only five episodes into season 3 at the moment, but this early renewal means fans can be assured that Jax et al will be back for a fourth year without a shadow of a doubt – there would have been uproar if they weren’t, but at least we now know for definite, as there’s nothing more fickle than TV networks.

In a statement about the renewal, FX president John Landgraf said: “Sons of Anarchy is the most popular show FX has ever had and the number 1 series in basic cable for our key demographic. It is also one of the best, most original series on television… FX is grateful to Kurt Sutter and his team of writers, actors, directors and crew for working so hard to make a show that achieves both those levels of success. We congratulate them and look forward to season four.”

Sutter himself seemed overjoyed at the news, taking to twitter to celebrate in his own incomparable style by tweeting: “Picked up for SEASON 4 motherfuckers!!! (sic) thanks to FX for the early pickup.”


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