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Californication 3.7 'So Here's The Thing...'

“…You’re Runkle, you’d whack it to a cat dancing on Youtube.” – Sue

A recap of last night’s Californication coming up, right after a find a longer straw…

Thank God they didn’t show that scene is all I’ll say, because this is a show that certainly wouldn’t puss out of showing something like that, but at least we can all leave it to our imagination now what Charlie blowing, well Charlie, up Sue’s ass would look like. Yikes.

‘So Here’s The Thing…’ was, like last week’s episode, definitely a step towards getting the house in order, not just for Hank, but for the show as we head into the second half of the season.

It wasn’t as out and out funny as previous episodes this season but it was still big on laughs and featured appearances by all of the season’s recurring characters and two very funny guest appearances from Peter Fonda and the brilliantly funny Ken Marino.

Karen was once again gone from proceedings this week so there was no real follow up on last week’s closing clinch with Hank, other than Hank doing his best to ditch all the college ladies he’s been bedding so he can reunite his fractured family.

We were also sans-Marcy this week so there was little to no follow up on her dalliance with Rick Springfield last week but this did mean we got to see some Charlie and Sue gold for most of the episode.

An opening scene jog along Venice Beach served the purpose of getting across both Hank and Charlie’s disdain for L.A. and what the city of angels has turned them both into; both then spent the majority of ‘So Here’s The Thing…” doing their utmost to recapture what they had in the good old New York days – Charlie his killer instinct as an agent and Hank his beloved, but exceedingly dysfunctional family.

Hank endeavoured to break-off his ongoing trysts with Jackie, Jill and Felicia over the course of the episode and his first port of call was Jackie.

The student-turned-stripper took the news poorly to say the least and it marked a real turn around in the allure of Jackie both in the eyes of Hank and the viewer. When she first appeared she was the cool, casual and mysterious hottie but after Hank sampled the goods, and we all did as viewers, she kind of lost that mystique and has now turned into a rather annoying itch that Hank just can’t get rid of.

Her reaction to Hank dumping her was somewhat over the top and the whole uncomfortable scene was made even worse as Dean Koons walked in on Jackie with a face full of Hank’s crotch.

Peter Gallagher was again at his scenery-chewing best for his one scene of the episode and Jackie’s flirtations with him allowed some very funny lines to be spat – not least her complimenting of those infamous Gallagher eyebrows… A girl really could “get lost in them”.

Next up on Hank’s farewell tour was Jill, his hot T.A., again the chat didn’t go quite to plan as Jill spotted her commitment-phobic ex in the same restaurant acting distinctly commitment-friendly nowadays with a hot blonde.

Her freak-out allowed Hank to proffer a very funny STD monologue to said ex in which he implied the ex had given him some gnarly STD’s, as the new fiancé stormed out, Jill sat and watched in delight but when Hank returned to the table he offered his second “so here’s the thing…” of the episode. One to go…

Hank’s final stop was round at the Koons’ to tell Felicia what was what. I don’t know what it is in Moody’s mind that makes him act the way he does but the one out of the three of them who actually didn’t seem too perturbed by the news of his reconciliation with Karen was the one he ended up bedding – how does that work!?

Maybe he couldn’t resist getting one over on uber-douche David Wilder, played deliciously by Ken Marino – his simulation of what a threesome may go like behind Felicia’s back was comedy genius – or maybe he couldn’t resist getting one over on the Dean. But of the three how does the cold, snooty bitch end up being the one to jeopardise everything with Karen!? This is Moody back to his destructive best.

The episode ended with the cartoon of the girl formerly known as Becca being caught by Hank with Chelsea and some random teenage boy in her bedroom whilst she stood guard outside the door. Hank naturally flipped causing Becca to also launch into one of her now commonplace tirades against everything non-Chelsea related.

If this wasn’t the most telling sign yet though that the young Koons is just using Becca to make her own life easier by taking advantage of her confused teenage mind then I don’t know what it will take for Moody junior to wise-up and realise who it is in the World that really cares for her.

Granted Hank has some way to go before he is even considered a good Father, but in his own backward way he does always try and do what he thinks is best for Becca.

The Charlie and Sue storyline this week involved Runkle trying to help Sue hang on to Sue’s oldest client, played knowingly by the legend that is Peter Fonda. Fonda was never mentioned by name, referred to only as “him”, but one assumes he was playing a slightly exaggerated version of himself.

Evan Handler has quietly been stealing the show this year as Charlie and it was nice to finally see him achieve a win for once rather than being shat on from a great height as he has been most of the season, and for most of the series for that matter.

Next week’s episode should be very interesting as we see whether Hank’s break-ups with his three campus lovelies stick and whether or not he decides to tell Karen about his bedding of Felicia.

One thing is for certain though: things will probably get a lot worse before they get better for Hank Moody as we head towards the end of this fantastic third season of Californication.

Bullet Points:

- I was disappointed by the lack of Mr. Collini again, especially given that the coke-blowing scene took place at Sue’s house. Hopefully we will see Stephen Root again in this role before the season ends.

- As stated above Ken Marino was great as turbo-douche David Wilder and came out with some brilliant lines, but for all his great dialogue he was shown up by Hank’s zinger of a put-down when he told him to “brew up” his “word tea” and “dip his balls in it”. It was funny in context anyway!

- It’s funny, a month ago Eva Amurri was my new dream woman but now I don’t even bat an eye when she saunters across my screen. It’s funny how the character someone plays on TV or in a film can affect how feel about them in real life, but I guess that’s a good thing – she must be doing something right as an actress!

- I loved Hank and Charlie’s running attire in that first scene and Hank’s soliloquy about how L.A. had made him and Runkle soft:

“L.A. has made us soft. You used to be able to run for Lexington Avenue with the best of them. Elbowing the investment wankers out of the way, your cell phone in one hand, mammoth ball sack in the other hand, Hollywood Reporter between your teeth… Not even breathing so you wouldn't inhale the fucking piss stench.”

Californication continues Wednesday @ 10.45pm on FIVER


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