Thursday, 30 September 2010

Californication 3.10 'Dogtown'

“No matter what they say, bitches don't like it when you fuck other bitches…” – Charlie

Nothing much happened in ‘Dogtown’ to advance season 3 of Californication’s myriad still-dangling plot threads, but after a season jam-packed with guest stars and recurring roles it was nice to have an episode that allowed us to spend some quality time with the show’s five main characters: Hank, Charlie, Marcy, Karen and Becca.

After last week’s blow-out (pun intended) with Rick Springfield, Charlie found himself unemployed once again, so after clearing out his desk and a brief send-off from Sue, Hank decided to take his agent out on the town. Elsewhere in the L.A. night Karen and Becca were doing the same for the Runkle of the fairer sex, who was still smarting from her break-up with Springfield.

This certainly appeared to be Sue Collini’s last appearance on Californication and if it was it was rather poetic that it ended with a last “Collini out”. Kathleen Turner has been an unexpected joy this season and Sue has been a great character, bogarting most of the best lines in every episode she’s appeared, so her departure will be a shame, but to get back to tying things up for the show’s core characters it is a necessary evil I suppose.

Predictably Hank and Charlie headed to their philosophical and spiritual temple: the bar and began one of the show’s trademark, quotable, rapid-fire exchanges musing on life and love.

The usual wit and banter was punctuated by Hank telling the story of the time Karen made him breakfast after spending the night sat outside her ex, Bill’s house. This show of tenderness from Hank was interrupted by some asshole spilling a drink on Charlie and showing no real remorse for said action.

Never one to stand for poor manners, Hank would not let such behaviour go unchallenged and after being called a rather unpleasant sexual slur by the aforementioned asshole, Hank proceeded to plant a smacker on Charlie, whose mouth tasted like “a hobo’s taint”, and then land a punch on the offending asshole, degenerating proceedings into a bar fight that got our heroes ejected from the bar.

After picking themselves up off the street, the duo decided that a major bender was in order and headed out into the night.

Across town, Karen, Becca and Marcy’s meal was, thanks to copious amounts of wine, turning very much into a Marcy rant about her lack of success in the love department that was probably a little too graphic for Becca’s somewhat innocent ears.

Hank and Charlie’s bender then took a bizarre turn into a book store where they discovered a Hank Moody original on sale for $100, which they then endeavoured to steal in their drunken haze.

As Moody and Runkle planned their getaway they also discovered Julian Self’s latest tome on sale in the book store – Julian was of course played with great pomp by Angus MacFadyen last season. When they discovered it was retailing at $95, the drunken degenerates also decided to steal a copy of Julian’s book as well, along with some advertising signage.

As the Moody and Runkle men sprinted away from the scene of their crime, who should they stumble upon but the Moody and Runkle women. Detecting the drunken stupor their ‘better’ halves were in, the women declined the opportunity to join boy’s night and instead carried on with their “GNO” – that’s girl’s night out for all those of you who don’t speak L.A.

It was at this point that Hank and Charlie’s night took a more sombre turn, as they were held, and robbed, at gunpoint by two street punks in a liquor store.

During their near-death experiences both men saw their respective families and realised what colossal jerks they’d both been. Hank and Charlie then made a vow to right the wrongs they’d committed and win back their homes, but not before drinking… a lot.

Back at Hank’s flat, Becca proved to be wise beyond her years as she laid down some sage-like wisdom on Karen, who appeared to take on board what her daughter had so astutely picked up about her Father and his relationship with her Mother – this seemed to make Karen realise that they did all in fact belong together.

The next morning, Hank and Charlie woke up in Hank’s “piece of shit Porsche” and after Charlie’s vivid description of his hangover, which involved God jizzing all over his face, they headed home.

The episode ended with the symbolic act of Karen offering to make Hank a hangover breakfast, which effectively was her way of saying “I love you.”

Bullet Points:

- If that was the end of Sue Collini’s appearances on the show it would also seem to suggest that we will never get another appearance from her wheelchair-bound husband, who was played by Stephen Root.

It just seems bizarre that they managed to land a comic actor of Root’s calibre for such a small role – Go figure.

- Becca taking a phone call from Chelsea would seem to suggest that the two of them managed to iron out their differences after Becca blacked Chelsea’s eye last week – which is disappointing, Becca needs to be as far away from that girl as possible, even if Chelsea did show a glimpse of a softer side last week.

- There was some great music used in this episode – N.I.B. by Black Sabbath at the start as Hank drove his Porsche home and then Three Rounds and a Sound by Blind Pilot at the end of the episode over the credits.

- Only two weeks now until the finale – this season just seems to have flown by, it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was practically orgasmic after finding out Hank was back, never mind two and a half months. Worst of all, we’ll no doubt now have another ridiculously long wait until season 4 hits UK screens… Oh well.

Californication continues Wednesday @ 11.20pm on FIVER.


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