Wednesday, 1 September 2010

2010 Emmy Results

I might be unfathomably late with this post but the Emmys took place on Sunday night and I am still due to evaluate my performance in picking what should have won or what I thought the gibbons that select the winners would have gone for.

The lateness of my post is as a result of the Emmys being held over a bank holiday weekend that featured my other half’s birthday, quite a lot of alcohol, a poorly cooked barbecue, an ill-advised trip to the races and the greatest Chinese I’ve ever had.

Needless to say, I had quite the weekend but it has meant that TV or not TV has been neglected for the past week, so here is my feeble attempt to catch up on things.

We kick off with the big award of the night Outstanding Drama Series which went to Academy favourite Mad Men, I of course called this back in July when the nominees were announced but this should have been Breaking Bad’s award.

Next up we have Outstanding Comedy Series and although I championed Modern Family as the most deserving winner, I genuinely thought the Academy would get it wrong and give the award to 30 Rock again or, criminally, Glee. However, I was wrong and Modern Family deservedly reigned supreme.

On to the acting categories now and I called for Bryan Cranston to take home Outstanding Leading Actor in a Drama yet again and the Academy duly obliged; it’s a shame then that my pick would have been Jon Hamm, as I had a feeling this would be a Mad Men dominated year. I’m pleased Cranston took the award though, even if it takes me to a less than 50% strike rate in my picks thus far.

On to Leading Actor in a Comedy and I had no idea what would happen here hence the fact I said I’d like either Larry David or Matthew Morrison to win but that realistically it would be Alec Baldwin or Steve Carell.

It shows what I know though as Jim Parsons took the award for The Big Bang Theory.

Leading Actress in a Drama I said was a tough category to call so given the Mad Men love-in I was expecting I went for January Jones. Kyra Sedgwick took home the award though for The Closer.

For Leading Actress in a Comedy I commented that Tina Fey would “undoubtedly win” but I was again proved wrong as Edie Falco took home the award for the show that isn’t even a comedy Nurse Jackie. At least Falco agreed with the rest of the world when accepting the award by saying “I’m not funny” – No Edie, you’re not, and neither are these results.

For Supporting Actor in a Comedy I hedged my bets and said that one of the Modern Family gang would win but I went for my personal favourite of the bunch: Ty Burrell as the ‘should win’. I was half right as the equally talented Eric Stonestreet took home the award.

In Supporting Actor in a Drama I called for the brilliant Aaron Paul to win for Breaking Bad and was quietly confident that he would… and I was right! Finally Paul was recognised for his great work as Jesse on this amazing show and I am probably the happiest about this result out of all of them.

Supporting Actress Comedy predictably, and rightly, went to Jane Lynch for her now iconic role as Sue Sylvester on Glee. I correctly predicted this one but it’s not really something to celebrate is it because let’s be honest: who didn’t see this one coming!?

In the Supporting Actress in a Drama category I wasn’t a million miles away from getting it right as I had suggested that if anyone was to defeat Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss it would be either Christine Baranski or Archie Panjabi from The Good Wife. I suggested Baranski and of course it then turned out to be Panjabi that did in fact deal Mad Men another blow.

The only other award that was dished out Sunday that I predicted back in early July was Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy which I said should and would go The Daily Show, which of course it did.


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