Monday, 2 August 2010

Sky Close to Deal With AMC & Showtime...?

After last week’s ground-breaking deal with HBO, rumours are swirling that Sky are now close to also tying up a similar sort of deal with US networks AMC and Showtime.

Last week’s £150million deal with HBO saw BSkyB grab the exclusive UK rights to HBO’s stellar back catalogue and all future programming for the next five years, they will also grab the rights to any existing programming such as True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm once their current UK deals with the likes of FX and Channel 4 expire.

Sources in LA are now claiming that Sky are on the verge of agreeing similar first-look deals with AMC, home to Mad Men, Breaking Bad and the upcoming The Walking Dead and Showtime, home to Dexter and Californication.

If this is true, Sky would have one of the most formidable line-ups of original US drama ever assembled.

Given the way most of the aforementioned shows are currently treated by their respective UK broadcasters I personally really hope this deal comes off for Sky, even if it means a hike in my subscription fee.

Being able to watch the likes of Breaking Bad and Californication at reasonable times and within a sensible timeframe from their US airdates would be like a dream come true, and I have faith that should Sky pull this deal off that they would treat these great shows with the respect they deserve.

The AMC deal would probably be a bigger deal for Sky than the Showtime one – there are arguably no two shows bigger than Mad Men and Breaking Bad at the moment and The Walking Dead is without a doubt the most talked about upcoming show this year.

If this deal comes off, with an arsenal of amazing US drama Sky could once again be about to revolutionise TV in the UK.


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