Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rhys Darby/Danny McBride to The Office...?

Rhys Darby is reportedly in the frame to
replace Steve Carrell on The Office.
One of the hottest TV topics of debate right now in America is who, if anyone, should replace Steve Carrell on The Office?

Further fuel was thrown on this burning issue yesterday as two potential replacements for the departing Carrell were announced courtesy of The Ausiello Files – somewhat of an authority on TV news.

The suggestion was that NBC have contacted Danny McBride and Rhys Darby about potentially joining the show next season.

McBride of course has a string of big Hollywood comedies under his belt, including Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder but he is also currently starring in his own comedy over on HBO in the shape of Eastbound & Down.

Darby on the other hand has been somewhat quiet since the end of Flight of the Conchords, on which he was routinely the best thing (other than the songs), last year.

There has been no confirmation yet either way from showrunner Paul Lieberstein as to whether McBride or Darby are in the frame to replace Carrell when he leaves next year; all that has been said is that the writers are "having discussions" about possibly bringing in a new character next year who could possibly be a long term replacement for Carrell - "We haven't settled exactly who will take over," Lieberstein said.

I personally think Darby would be a great replacement for Carrell, I’m not a huge fan of the US version of The Office but from what I’ve seen, Darby can definitely pull off that sort of clueless, delusional loser role that would fit the show perfectly.


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