Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hacks After SAMCRO Yet Again…

I don’t know what it is about the Sons of Anarchy crew that makes hacks in the media and specifically on blogs such as this (giving us all a bad name) want to twist every little thing that they say and try and light up a little controversy.

A few weeks back every little thing SAMCRO mastermind Kurt Sutter said was being twisted into some sort of rant against the show’s lack of Emmy nominations; and now leading actor Charlie Hunnam is falling foul of the dishonest douchebags with nothing better to do than take comments out of context.

The Chicago Tribune claimed that, in an interview most people would have been honoured just to get, Hunnam was disappointed with the fact that the actors aren’t always completely in the picture of what is coming up for their characters.

The ever honest Sutter quickly took to twitter to not only defend this practice but also emphasise the fact that the bond between the cast and crew of this great show is just as strong as the bond between the MC they tell the story of, in spite of what dirt sheets might have you believe.

Kurt Sutter is a brutally honest man, often too honest for his own good, on his blog Sutter Ink, on his twitter @sutterink and even in interviews, but would any of us want him any other way!?

This is a man with passion, something sadly missing in so many of our writers these days and I respect him and everything he does far more for the fact that he doesn’t always necessarily do what is considered ‘the norm’ for a show runner on a successful show such as ‘Sons’.

I’d like to think I know enough about Kurt Sutter to categorically say that he will never tow the party line, and I thank God for that, because the day that happens is the day that Sons of Anarchy stops being the best goddamn thing on TV.

People will never stop believing what they read though which is why it’s so disgraceful how journalists and bloggers twist words to get their story or fit their narrative (just look at Fox ‘News’), that’s something I will never do on here and the day I do will be the day I stop writing.

Thankfully, always willing to keep SAMCROs passionate and loyal fan base in the loop Sutter has kept us up to date with what is really going behind the scenes via twitter and the answer is, disappointingly for the haters: nothing.

I won’t bother reprinting all his tweets on the issue as some people have already, because quite frankly you should be following him already if you’re a ‘Sons’ fan.

But I will leave you with his opening gambit from today which quite wonderfully and succinctly sums up how I feel about half the crap I read on this wonderful world wide web of ours on a daily basis…

“talentless wannabe hacks, angry douchebags w/ macbooks, power-slurping losers with web batons, self-righteous cunts: few things i want dead.”


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