Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Dodge's 'Invisible Monkey' Response to PETA

After PETA got up on their high horse (pun intended) over Dodge’s latest ad for its use of a monkey, the US car giant responded with a surprising sense of humour.

The original ad featured a monkey dressed like a stunt man setting off some shitty fireworks, but PETA claimed it was irresponsible for a big company like Dodge to use an ape in their ad given the well-documented history of abuse that monkeys have suffered in the entertainment industry – what they did to King Kong was just mean.

Now I respect PETA and everything they do but sometimes they do have a tendency to go too far, this being one of those times. By their reasoning, would it be wrong to feature a Jewish person or a black person in an ad given the hardships their people have faced in the past?

PETA ordered Dodge to pull the ad, proving that it’s not just the UK where people have no sense of humour over humorous ads – remember the Paddy Power ‘Cat Kick’ ad controversy?

Dodge decided to make lemonade though from the lemons that PETA provided them and the result is actually funnier than the original ad.

In Dodge’s post-PETA complaint ad the monkey has been digitally erased and you can just see his little stuntman outfit move towards the fireworks before Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, who is on voiceover duty for both ads, deadpans: “Oh wait, there’s an invisible monkey.”

Surreal? Yes.

Genius? You bet your sweet ass.

You can view the before and after ads below:




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