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Californication 3.4 'Zoso'

“Hank I’ve been making some phone calls on your behalf, and
guess what – people think you’re a cunt… no joke.” – Sue Collini

Well it didn’t take Hank long to do what I really hoped he wouldn’t and sleep with my beloved Jackie, but to be fair to the guy no sane man could’ve resisted what was offered to him – “Can I touch one?”

David Duchovny and the writers deserve so much credit for making Hank, a man who is essentially playing three women (four if you include Karen) at the same time, into the most sympathetic character on the show.

The title of the episode: ‘Zoso’ of course refers to Jimmy Page’s famous symbol and Hank was certainly getting a ‘Whole Lotta Love’ (sorry) in this episode.

This was a very funny episode of a show that can be superbly silly and superbly serious in equal doses.

The episode began with Hank in his office with both Felicia and Jill throwing themselves at him yet again, Felicia revealing that her husband had in fact once cheated on her and she was looking to finally cash in on her payback – with Hank.

After a meeting with Sue Collini and Charlie in which Sue suggested Hank become a glorified gigolo and charm his way into the hearts, minds… and pants of all the old lonely Hollywood “snatch” out there to turn around his unpopularity in La-La Land; Hank and Runkle headed off to Jackie’s strip club after the buxom lovely dropped Hank’s class.

As one-note as Kathleen Turner’s character is on the show, every time she is on screen you can almost guarantee the best lines of the episode are going to be uttered. She only featured in one scene this week but still managed to get in four or five hugely quotable lines (see above).

“Collini out”.

Was Jackie quitting Hank’s class a ploy to get our hero into the sack? If it was it certainly worked. After finding Jackie at the strip club performing under the pseudonym Ashley Madison she coerced Hank into having a lap dance before the two had somewhat of a heart to heart at the bar.

In between this we got some Charlie gold as Runkle managed to cum in his pants during a rather vigorous lapdance – “it was a compliment!” before he was called back home to aid Marcy in trying to sell their home to an interested couple.

This ended rather graphically badly as Marcy left a used tampon floating in the toilet which then managed to block the toilet when they tried to quickly flush it.

“Fuuuck, it’s like a slasher film in there…”

Whether it was Charlie’s way with words or just her own depression that drove Marcy back into Charlie’s arms remains to be seen, but we left the Runkles in a passionate clinch. No doubt this will be followed up next week with Charlie thinking they’re back together and Marcy regretting the incident deeply but I for one am rooting for the Runkles.

As Hank left the strip club he spotted Jackie in the parking lot being hassled by a bunch of frat boys and decided to defend her virtue in his own incomparable way…

“Someone’s looking for a mouthful of cock and balls huh?”

“Now that does not sound very appetising… or filling”

After an asskicking left Hank licking his wounds Jackie took it upon herself to take him home to clean him up only to then use the moment to make her move which Hank resisted briefly but finally gave in to, as any fan of Eva Amurri’s Louvre-worthy boobs would have.

Hank obviously had a twinge of guilt over what he had been getting up to as he laid awake later that night and ended up on a Skype chat to Karen, which was as touching as usual.

Karen’s absence from the show in a major capacity this season has been a big loss as her relationship with Hank is so important to the show’s heart and soul, but at least in these brief conversations that undying love still shines through for Californication’s Romeo & Juliet.

The chat with Karen felt like a natural end for the episode so when the fade to black didn’t lead to the end credits I was surprised; but as we saw Hank at college it became obvious that his chickens were about to come home to roost.

First Jill revealed she would be going commando for his class and gave Hank an eyeful from the front row, then Felicia decided to audit the class, sitting down right next to Jill, and then of course, predictably, Jackie then returned to the class bragging about her “hot date” from the night before.

As Hank turned to the white board and began to write I knew exactly what he was going to scrawl up there, and it perfectly summed up how Mr. Moody feels about the situation he has managed to get himself into in spite of trying his best to resist his three admirers…


Other Thoughts:

- No Peter Gallagher this week which was a shame, hopefully Dean Koons will be back next week to be antagonised some more by Hank.

- I was a little disappointed by the lack of follow up on Felicia taking Becca shopping; I was expecting Becca to come back looking rather slutty and Hank to freak out.

- One of my favourite lines of the night was Jackie’s “you once spent an entire class ranting about how much you hate Coldplay” – how awesome would Hank Moody be as your college professor!?

- No Rick Springfield follow up this week which was a surprise, after his introduction last week as Charlie’s big fish signing.

- I liked the fact that Balt was at least referenced again as Jackie’s room mate even if he wasn’t seen. I hate it when shows have selective memories about characters and their back-stories.

Californication continues on FIVER Wednesday @ 11.15pm


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