Thursday, 5 August 2010

Californication 3.2 ‘The Land of Rape and Honey’

Season 3 of the brilliant Californication continued last night on Fiver here in the UK and I’ve got a review coming up, hopefully my writing won’t be too “niggardly” for you…

As expositional as last week’s season premiere was, it was still great television and passed by in the blink of an eye, that’s the thing with Californication: it’s just not on for long enough. I’ve never known a show where the episodes feel so short, just as you get in to it it’s over for another week. This is very effective in making you want more, but sometimes I just long for an extra ten minutes…

But if last week’s season premiere was somewhat exposition heavy then this week’s episode was probably more in keeping with what we can expect from the rest of the season.

Hank is now firmly installed in his new position as a college professor, albeit not doing a very good job at the moment, unless you class driving a student to a suicide bid as doing a good job.

Hank as teacher has so much comedy potential and no doubt it will be mined for all it’s worth as the season progresses, but even after one episode with him in the role they have already rounded many of the bases.

Dean Koons referred to Hank as a “man-child” and at times it seemed as though our hero would be more at home in front of the desk than behind it; drinking in school, texting in class, not doing his work and smoking pot before being summoned to the Dean’s office.

Hank’s educational exploits have already led to him working his manly charms on a trifecta of beautiful women: Dean Koons’ wife Felicia (Embeth Davidtz), tasty T.A. Jill (Diane Farr) and smoking hot, busty student turned stripper Jackie (Eva Amurri).

I recognised Amurri from her recent role in House but was quite taken aback by how hot she was looking in Californication; I have just discovered that she is Susan Sarandon’s daughter though which would explain the impressive rack.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her this season, but whether I want to see Hank score with one of his students remains to be seen.

Most of the big laughs last night came courtesy of poor Charlie (Evan Handler) who seems to have been reduced to the light relief thus far this season, be it the constant sexual advances he has to put up with from his boss Sue Collini, his increasingly awful attempts to win back Marcy or any of the other unfortunate predicaments he seems to find himself in.

First up last night was Hank tricking Charlie into revealing a gay experience he had as a child, then, in a sublimely cringe-worthy scene, Charlie tried to ‘rape’ Marcy because he thought that’s what she wanted.

I for one hope Charlie has a bit of luck soon because at the moment he’s being shat on from every direction. The gay story did serve a purpose beyond humiliating Charlie though; as Hank later stole it and passed it off as his own undo a wrong he had committed (more on that in a minute).

Kathleen Turner once again stole the show last night as she chewed her way through another episode’s worth of scenery, how she missed out on a best guest star Emmy is beyond me.

Another good guest spot came from Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick as the vampire-obsessed student who Hank drove to a suicide bid with his rather blunt criticism of the aspiring young writer.

His character and appearance seem to have been a means to develop Hank and Jackie’s relationship but his dark and rather creepy performance was note-perfect and was very funny stuff – especially his truly awful Twilight-esque vampire story.

For an episode that was quite heavy on the laughs in all the threads running through it, it ended on quite a sombre not as Hank and Becca got into a shouting match that ended with them both professing their hatred for each other.

If Hank hasn’t got off to the best start as a teacher, he’s got off an abysmal start as a single Father.

Another brilliant episode from a show that seems to be high on confidence at the moment, hopefully they can keep up this momentum for the rest of the season.

Other Thoughts:

- Still no mention of Damien, so I’m guessing he’s now out of the picture. I’m not too disappointed if he was purely just the MacGuffin that got Hank and Becca to stay in LA while Karen went to New York but it would’ve been nice to at least have him addressed at some point.

- No Karen this week, which wasn’t too much of a loss really. I wouldn’t want to see her absent for too long but as much as I love her relationship with Hank, Mr. Moody is always at his bad boy best when Karen’s not around.

- Marcy is now “Cougar Smurf”, it doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Cokey Smurf” but it’ll do.

- We are going to get to see Jackie in stripper action at some point this season aren’t we…? Aren’t we…!?!

Californication continues next Wednesday on Fiver @ 11.15pm

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