Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bret Harrison Joins V

Bret Harrison has joined the cast of V
It’s Reaper alumnus day here on TV or not TV!

Because after earlier reporting on Michael Ian Black, who played Steve on the now sadly defunct supernatural dramedy, and his new web series Backwash earlier on; it has been revealed that Bret Harrison, who played main character Sam on Reaper, has been cast in the upcoming second season of ABC’s reimagining of V.

Harrison will appear in a recurring role as an evolutionary biologist named Dr. Sidney Miller according to Entertainment Weekly.

The character will reportedly first appear in the second season premiere when he is tracked down by FBI agent Erica Evans, played by the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell.

Season 2 of V is expected to begin in November in the US.

I’m pleased to see Harrison back on our screens as I’ve always liked him, he was good in Grounded For Life and even the dire The Loop, but he really excelled in Reaper; and as a big fan of the show I was disappointed when it was cancelled.

Hopefully Harrison will now get a chance to shine on a successful show and become better known as a result.


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