Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Back to the Future Blu Ray Trailer

Last month I shot my verbal jizz all over the upcoming Back to the Future Trilogy Blu Ray.

It’s not been as well documented on here (yet) but anyone familiar with my work over at Obsessed with Film will know that I have a rather unhealthy love of everything Back to the Future.

As if news of a Blu Ray release wasn’t exciting enough, we now have a trailer to go along with it featuring Doc and Marty looking resplendent in High Def glory.

Now normally I would never encourage readers to visit the cum rag of a website that is Digital Spy but sadly as I can’t find anywhere that will let me embed the trailer here I’m going to have to direct your attention to the link below.

On the plus side though they do also have a trailer up for the theatrical re-release of Back to the Future as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations, so you might feel dirty whilst you’re visiting the site but it’ll be worth it I promise.

You can check out both trailers by following the link below:

Back to the Future Blu Ray Trailer

Back to the Future is re-released into cinemas on 1st October and the Blu Ray is out 26th October.


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