Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wii Goldeneye

If like me you were a teen of the late 90s/early 2000’s you will probably share the opinion that the greatest first person shooter of all time is Goldeneye for the N64.

The fondness in which that game is held is almost unparalleled, the amount of time spent huddled round the screen in multi-player battles must add up to months.

So you can imagine my trepidation when I recently learned that the game was being ‘reimagined’ for the Nintendo Wii.

Although initially dismissive of the idea, and part of me still harbours those feelings, I have started to come to the conclusion that this could actually be a stroke of genius by the developers as the Wii version of Goldeneye could, in theory, become just as enduring as the original.

I say that because in some ways Goldeneye is the perfect fit for a console that is already renowned for its ‘social’ gaming capabilities, the Wii is the ultimate multi-player console and Goldeneye is the ultimate multi-player game – this could be a marriage made in heaven.

Could being the operative word there, because Eurocom and Activision (developer and publisher respectively) have an uphill struggle on their hands not to desecrate the legacy of a game that dominated many a youth.

It is especially disturbing at the moment to see Daniel Craig’s likeness being used for Bond, how that will fit in with a game based on a film he didn’t play Bond in remains to be seen, but it could at least help to separate the two games; because let’s be honest this is never going to better the original no matter how successful it is, hence why I remain cautious.

Wii Goldeneye is due for release in November and will no doubt be one of the must-have games for Christmas. I will undoubtedly be one of those purchasing it, but at present I can’t quite decide if I’m excited or concerned…

You can view a trailer for the game below:


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