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White Collar Comic Con Panel

As reported here last week it was the Comic Con panel for the stylish and glossy crime caper White Collar yesterday.

So as promised here is the news and gossip emanating from yesterday’s panel, courtesy of one of the best TV critics out there Hitflix’s Alan Sepinwall of What’s Alan Watching? Fame, who was in attendance and reported his findings earlier today over at Hitflix.

White Collar followed Burn Notice on the USA network’s roster of Comic Con panels and the crowd had geeked out massively for ‘Burn’ star Bruce Campbell, so Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay et al had somewhat of a tough act to follow by all accounts.

White Collar is one of the shows that are helping to shape the newly evolved Comic Con, in the sense that it isn’t exactly a Comic Con type of show. They apparently with this assumption by showing an amusing sketch that featured the cast of the show planning a Comic-Con heist of the trailer for the upcoming Tron: Legacy.

The panel, headed by Willie Garson who plays Mozzie on the show was supposedly very fun, with the cast who all play well off each other, both on and off screen coming, off very charming and likeable. Although Sepinwall did comment that at times the hour did feel like a very long in-joke the audience were only sometimes in on.

Sepinwall isn’t as much of a fan of the show as I am though so that probably affected his enjoyment of the panel somewhat.

Anyway, on to the topics of discussion…

Garson apparently went straight at creator Jeff Eastin on the cliffhanger ending from the show's first season, involving Kate, the mysterious love interest for Matt Bomer's character Neal Caffrey. Kate it turns out isn’t too popular with the majority of White Collar’s fans, and I can’t say I’m her biggest fan either.

The problem with Kate was that she was never ever going to live up to the pedestal that Neal and subsequently the show put her on, and the actress that played her just didn’t have that ‘it’ factor to make her seem special.

Back to the panel though:

"Kate's plane blew up. Is she dead?" Garson asked creator Eastin.

The crowd apparently cheered enthusiastically at this idea.

Eastin, who Sepinwall reports was slightly taken aback by the reaction, was somewhat cagey, but he asked the crowd whether or not they thought Kate should be dead, be alive or be "in some sort of a coma".

The reaction from the crowd to this question was mainly in the ‘dead’ camp, although the ‘coma’ idea reportedly got a stronger reaction than ‘alive’.

Speaking of Kate, one line of speculation that ‘Collar’ fans have engaged in is whether there is a link between Kate and Peter’s (DeKay) wife Elizabeth due to the fact that Tiffani Thiessen, who plays Elizabeth, looks so much like Alexandra Daddario who plays Kate.

At the end of the panel someone in the audience asked just that question.

"It was a complete accident," said Eastin, who went on to state that he hadn't even realised the resemblance until he was following the twitter reaction to the show after the first episode in which the Kate character featured prominently.

Garson with the power to at least try and direct the questioning, then pressed Eastin for some background on his character Mozzie. Eastin described Neal's buddy as "a burnt-out Beat philosopher."

Eastin then reportedly told this very funny anecdote about auditioning for the role of Mozzie: As Garson sat in the casting office's waiting room, another actor went in to read. This other guy went in and was apparently doing a stellar job, then according to Eastin: "…halfway through he stopped and said, 'You've got Willie Garson out there. This is bullshit. He's gonna get it anyway,' and he walked out."


Jeff Eastin and Burn Notice creator Matt Nix have reportedly had a twitter/prank war going on for quite some time now and Comic Con was no exception. Nix apparently got in line for audience questions and asked Eastin where he got the idea to hire so many behind-the-scenes personnel from Burn Notice for his show.

According to a few other people in attendance, Nix came across as a bit of a jerk for forcing himself on the White Collar panel after just having an hour’s forum for his own show.

Comic Con is all about fun though and it would seem the ‘Collar’ crew took the jibe in good spirits and even got the last laugh, with producer Jeff King asking Nix about his show: "It's Royal Pains, isn't it?"

The season 1 finale of White Collar aired in the UK this week; look out for a review in the next couple of days.


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