Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Walking Dead Trailer

More exciting news coming out of Comic Con…

A trailer for the upcoming The Walking Dead was shown and some naughty convention goer has recorded it and uploaded it onto youtube.

It’s grainier than the Zapruder tape but clocking in at four and a half minutes it shows us a hell of a lot of what we can expect from what is looking more and more like being the TV event of the year.

The Walking Dead panel at Comic Con also doled out some more juicy details about the show; most importantly for UK viewers was the revelation that the show will be “simultaneously launched all over the globe” which will hopefully mean its air date over here will be nice and close to that of the US (maybe even the same day? Here’s hoping…).

The Walking Dead will be upon us in October and after the jump you’ll find that Comic Con trailer…


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