Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Premiere Date

It’s no secret that my favourite TV show at the moment is FX’s brilliant biker drama Sons of Anarchy.

Now though I tend to wait for shows to make their way onto UK screens or failing that: Region 1 DVD, I’ve still been excited to learn that FX have announced the US debut date for SOA’s third season.

Clay, Jax, Bobby (right), Gemma et al will return on Tuesday September 7th.

If the show continues to improve throughout season 3 as it did through season 2 then we could be in for something very special.

The new season will reportedly explore the mythology of SAMCRO more and will also delve deeper into the club’s Irish connections.

Here in the UK we are building towards the season 2 finale so it will probably be another year or so until we even get a sniff of season 3, so this could be the one time I break my rule of traditionality.

Elsewhere in FX’s fall schedule premiere date confirmation, a show that has me very excited is Terriers, starring the great Donal Logue, who I’ve always been a big fan of – I stuck with Knights of Prosperity to the end – and Michael Raymond-Jones, last seen being decapitated with a shovel at the end of True Blood’s first season.

The duo star as unlicensed private investigators with some maturity issues and the show is exec produced by Shawn Ryan (The Shield).

Terriers will premiere Wednesday 8th September on FX and you can view a brief and pretty vague teaser for the show below:


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