Monday, 26 July 2010

Sons of Anarchy Comic Con Panel

More Zapruder-esque Comic Con footage coming up!

San Diego’s Comic Con drew to a close yesterday after four days of geek heaven, and it was the final day that had inspired me to follow this year’s ‘Con’ happenings so closely as it featured a panel for my favourite show on TV: Sons of Anarchy.

The panel was chaired by the finest TV critic in the land Mr. Alan Sepinwall, himself a huge SOA fan, and featured Ron Perlman (Clay), Charlie Hunnam (Jax), Katey Sagal (Gemma) and creator and SOA mastermind Kurt Sutter (who also plays the ill-fated Big Otto on the show).

There doesn’t appear to have been anything too revelatory coming out of the panel but there were some nice little nuggets to keep fans going until season 3 premieres in September – 3 prospects next season!

It might not have been the most headline-making panel of the four days but it was interesting to hear the three main characters and the man who puts the words in their mouths talking about the past season and looking ahead to what is in store for them.

The sound is dodgy and the footage makes Zapruder look like Scorcese – but you can view the first 15 minutes of the panel in the two clips after the jump…


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