Sunday, 4 July 2010

Paddy Power 'Cat' Ad Banned

Leading Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have been responsible for some great adverts over the last couple of years.

Almost every ad in their money back specials series has been hilarious, from the Richard Dunwoody one that featured heavily during last year’s Cheltenham Festival to the footballers in your house series that saw Carlton Palmer in the Bath, Des Walker in the wardrobe and Bruce Grobbelaar in the kitchen.

The recent additions to the money back series have seen an Irish guy deadpanning to a variety of people who have lost something that “there’s nothing we [Paddy Power] can do about that… but we can get you your money back”.

One in which an office worker accidentally sends a disgusting email to every one of his co-workers had been my favourite until the other month when a new ad joined the series.

As the ball at a blind football match complete with bell gets kicked off the pitch, an unsuspecting (belled) Cat runs on and well, you can guess the rest.

The ad is very funny but as you can also probably guess has been attacked by animal rights campaigners and the PC brigade.

Such is the power of these narrow-minded, faux-offended simpletons in today’s society that the ad has now been banned.

Reading some of the comments on other websites that have reported this story really makes you wonder if humanity deserves to still be here given how devoid of a sense of humour and even a modicum of intelligence some people are.

Do they really think that if this ad was allowed to remain on air that there’d be a spate of Cat kicking crimes occurring across the country. It almost offends me as a human being that some people think it is their place in society to protect our innocent minds from being corrupted by visions of, clearly not real, animal cruelty and the like.

No one is, or was, going to kick a cat in to a tree because of this ad but thanks to the complaint culture that we have now fostered in England another welcome, funny and entertaining ad has been ripped from our screens.

The fact that this ad can be banned and utter gash like the Halifax ‘Isa, Isa Baby’ ad can remain on screen proves that there is clearly no justice in this world.

Here at TV or not TV though, we don’t discriminate against slightly controversial media in any way, in fact we reach out with both hands and grab it by the balls.

So here in all its cat-kicking glory is that “highly offensive” Paddy Power ad.



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