Friday, 9 July 2010

The Heat is LeBron - James to Join Wade & Bosh in Miami

The internet and almost every media outlet around the World has been buzzing for the last week or so as NBA free agency kicked in.

More so than usual this year the crop of free agents courted intense media coverage and speculation as included in the batch were All-Stars: Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and King James himself LeBron James – arguably the biggest Basketball star on the planet (sorry, Kobe).

Reports were rife that the three biggest free agents on the market were colluding and trying to get themselves on the same roster, as individually they have been unable to secure their respective franchises the success they crave, but together they could become that dominant force that can compete with Boston and The Lakers.

Earlier this week the news broke that Bosh had indeed opted to join D-Wade in Miami proving that those rumours about conference calls and the like were probably more than just rumours. With Wade also resigning with the Heat it seemed unlikely that LBJ would join his buddies on South Beach as well; although also courted by the Bulls and the Knicks, reports suggested LeBron was most likely to resign with Cleveland.

But last night James broke the news at a press conference that he to, would indeed be relocating to Florida next season, and over night the Miami Heat became instant favourites to be crowned NBA Champions in 2011.

Obviously it isn’t that simple and the Heat’s new look roster will have to gel and play as a team rather than individuals, but the three stars have all played together in the past – for the Eastern Conference All Stars and for the USA.

In a couple of days the Miami Heat have gone from also rans to the most feared team in the NBA and I personally can’t wait to see Bosh, James and Wade all lining up together.

As you would expect, people are already analysing what this means for the NBA, and all I can say is it can only increase interest and awareness the World over, and that can only be a good thing.

Many are also questioning LeBron’s motives for upping sticks from Cleveland and heading south, well gee; let’s have a think about that. I wonder what could have swung it for LeBron… Maybe it was the money, the chance of glory, the sunshine, the girls, the parties, the beaches, the cocktails… Do I really need to go on?

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  1. With the acquisition of James, I want to congratulate the Miami Heat on winning the 2011 NBA title!


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