Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Eric Christian Olsen Becomes Series Regular on NCIS: LA

Eric Christian Olsen, an actor who I’m a big fan of, is joining NCIS: Los Angeles full time. CBS announced yesterday that Olsen would be a series regular on the show for its upcoming second season after guest-starring last season.

Olsen guest-starred last season as Los Angeles Police Detective Liaison Marty Deeks and season 2 will see the character recruited to the NCIS. Olsen will begin reprising his role as Deeks in the show, which is led by LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, in the special 2-hour season 2 premiere which is set to air on 21st September in the States.

NCIS: LA executive producer Shane Brennan said in a statement: “We are thrilled to have Eric join the cast… he has already proved himself to be a great asset and invaluable member of the team, and Eric’s fans will be delighted to see what we have in store for him.”

Olsen is a very funny actor, if you haven’t already seen it check out his Funny or Die work as Perry Hilton, but he has also proven himself a very capable dramatic actor with roles in the likes of Tru Calling and 24 in which he played George Mason’s son.

NCIS: LA is a show that I was tempted to give a go last year when it debuted but ultimately did not, but with this news I will definitely be checking the show, which airs on Sky1 in the UK, out when it returns.

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  1. olsen is a great actor, and georgous besides!!


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