Friday, 30 July 2010

Ellen to Leave American Idol

American Idol’s judging panel has quickly halved in size since last season’s finale which saw Lee DeWyze victorious.

Simon Cowell’s departure from the show had been well publicised and while a huge loss, wasn’t a shock.

However news that Ellen DeGeneres won’t be returning to the panel next season is a little more surprising if not shocking.

Ellen never really worked as a judge, offering nothing more than empty comments and never really telling contestants the truth; she always seemed more concerned with being funny and well-liked.

I understand her acting in that way, after all she has a talk show to keep afloat, and in a post-Oprah landscape her talk show is now all the more important. If she’d gone on Idol and spoken to the contestants as Cowell does then her likeability would have decreased rapidly.

Ellen’s departure now means that the long-rumoured Idol revamp will be even more likely to happen, as the judging panel is now decimated and the format seems to be going stale.

Only Randy Jackson remains now from the original judges after Paula Abdul’s departure prior to last season.

Who, if anyone, do you think should take Simon and/or Ellen’s place as an Idol judge?


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