Monday, 19 July 2010

David Cross Joins Running Wilde

It’s an Arrested Development reunion…!

…Sort of.

David Cross, who played arguably Arrested Development’s best character: never-nude Tobias Funke, has signed on to appear in a recurring role on Fox’s new sitcom Running Wilde, which will premiere in September. Running Wilde is Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz’s latest project and will also star Will Arnett, Cross’ former A.D. co-star.

The show focuses on the blossoming relationship between Arnett’s spoiled man-child and his former High School sweetheart, played by Keri Russell. Cross will play Russell’s character: Emily’s fiancé. The role had originally been played in the pilot by Eastbound & Down’s Andrew Daly.

Cross will reportedly appear in at least seven episodes of the thirteen initially ordered by Fox.

Running Wilde is shaping up to look like it could be this year’s best new comedy. Not only do we have Hurwitz at the helm, the brilliant Arnett and now the very funny Cross on board, but our very own Peter Serafinowicz is also in the cast.

Running Wilde probably won’t fill the huge Arrested Development-shaped hole in the sitcom World, but until the currently stuck in development hell Arrested Development movie gets of the ground it may be the closest we come to reliving that amazing piece of television so cruelly snatched from us four long years ago.

By the way, if I wasn’t trying to improve the site’s google rankings this post would have probably been called something pun-tastic like ‘Play that Funke Music’. You may have noticed the pun-filled post titles disappearing recently, and it is part of a more conscious effort to get the site more exposure; I personally hate having to give up my beloved puns but needs must and all that, so please just stick with me during this difficult time…


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