Saturday, 24 July 2010

Californication Season 3 UK

You’ll have to forgive any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in this post because I write this after five pints.

My afternoon was spent in my local enjoying a great card of Racing, on which I managed to pick out a 9-1 winner and not back it – this may bode well for the upcoming ‘Big Punt’ podcast I’ll be producing with Sam Brydges of Das Football fame but it still stung like a mofo.

The reason for this drunken entry is that after my afternoon in the pub I returned home and decided to scour my Sky+ box for any episodes of the sublime Californication that may air in the next week.

You see I was missing this great show so much I needed a fix, even it was an old fix.

I’ll be damned though if I didn’t discover that season 3 was going to be finally debuting this week in the UK.

Californication has to be one of the funniest, best written, poignant and visceral shows on TV. It stars a career best David Duchovny and one of the best supporting cast of characters on TV.

If you aren’t yet familiar with possibly the sharpest show on TV then you need to get involved this Wednesday (28th July 2010) @ 11.10pm on FIVER.


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