Wednesday, 30 June 2010

"Word to Johnny Drama"

Eminem will appear in the season finale of the seventh season of Entourage – a show he references on his new album Recovery, which in spite of not really blowing me away at first has grown on me rapidly.

Obviously a fan of the show, Eminem is quite a booking for a show famed for its guest appearances. He will appear in the finale alongside one of his former rivals: Christina Aguilera.

Unlike, Christina, Eminem won’t be performing on the show, but will rather be throwing a bash to celebrate Recovery going platinum. Although the album was only released last week I think we can all agree platinum status by September, when the finale will air in the States, is a foregone conclusion.

Show creator Doug Ellin revealed that Em might have a bit of beef with Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) during his appearance on the show which should be interesting. Although he’ll be playing himself, the man also known as Slim Shady is no stranger to acting having previously starred in the movie 8 Mile.

As a big fan of both Entourage and Eminem, I’m looking forward to his appearance on the show – we all know he can handle comedy well, as his run in with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno at last year's MTV Movie Awards proved.

Just on the subject of Entourage, I’ve been disappointed to learn that ITV2, who have broadcast the show in the UK since it began, haven’t acquired the rights to season 7. So when, or even if, UK viewers will get to see Eminem’s cameo on the show is up in the air at present.

I’m personally getting sick to the back teeth of UK broadcasters doing this with US shows. First we had Sky1 ditching Rescue Me after three seasons, then Five with Breaking Bad and Californication after just two and now ITV2 have followed suit after six seasons with Entourage.

All we need now is Bravo to ditch Sons of Anarchy at the end of season 2 and there’ll be nothing worth watching left on TV.


  1. Culdnt agree more, they drop ridiculous amount of shows. I think its because the networks ask for so much money and not enough people watch because tv is overly saturated.

  2. It's annoying at the best of times but why the hell ITV2 have dropped Entourage for its penultimate season when they've shown it from the start is beyond me!

    I think you're right though - even in this day and age the sad truth is that the majority of Brit viewers still mainly rely on the old terrestrial channels for the lion's share of their TV. So it's probably not worth the cost of acquiring the rights of these shows for the smaller digital channels given how many people probably actually tune in, especially now when shows are so readily accessible online without a huge delay from their US broadcast.

    It'll probably only get worse rather than better...


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